Christmas Wreath Ideas: Artificial Christmas Wreaths To Buy Online

I grew up in New England part of a family in which decorating for Christmas was a really big deal. We had wreaths on every door, hanging on our lamppost, and on the barns too. I want to share these Christmas wreath ideas, all natural-looking, to get the holiday spirit going in full gear.

All our wreaths were fresh and had been bought at nearby stands or made from evergreen branches collected off of our property. These days, artificial wreaths are popular because they look realistic, last all season, and can be used from year to year.

I owned a Christmas decorating business in San Francisco for 14 years. All the wreaths we used on jobs were artificial because of fire laws. We used them over and over again throughout the years, decorating with a different theme each time.

green christmas wreath with golden ornaments red berries red gold and green ribbon and green apples and pears
I made this holiday wreath 17 years ago. It traveled with me when I moved from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, from Santa Barbara to Tucson, and again last December when I moved into my new home. It’s the original bow by the way – wired ribbon is the ticket!

Christmas Wreath Tips & Accessories

TIP: I want to share with you a quick and easy fix we used when wreaths were getting a bit sparse from having the ornamentation yanked off them every year. We’d simply fill in with garland and/or branches wired to the frame making the wreath nice and full (or even fuller) again.

TIP: Storage is key. Place your holiday wreaths in a box or wreath storage bag and don’t pile anything on top of it. I store mine in heavy-duty garbage bags in storage closets in my garage. They’re out of any sunlight, stay dry, and don’t have other decor stacked on top of them. Hanging them up is another option.

TIP: Fluff your wreath to make it look better. I fluff before I hang a wreath and then do any “fluff-up touches” after it’s hung. It’ll look more natural and fuller rather than having all the tips smushed and bent.

TIP: If don’t want to put a nail in your door here are some wreath hanger options: simple clear hanger, adjustable brass hanger, elegant hanger, and ornate hanger.

I sold my Christmas decorating business and warehouse in 2005 and still have the wreath I made a few days before the sales of both wrapped up. I’ve added in some stem balls throughout the years but the red, green, and gold ornamentation has remained pretty much the same. It’s 2022 as I’m writing this and the wreath still looks great – you can see it above.

You can switch up the ribbons and decor if you’d like or keep it the same. A festive wreath is a welcoming sign. You can bet we here at Joy Us Garden will be hanging them on our front door and in our homes once again this holiday season. On to the Christmas wreath ideas!

Christmas Wreaths To Buy Online

Mixed Greenery Christmas Wreaths

modern eucalyptus wreath from west elm

1) Modern Eucalyptus Wreath, $38

This is a sleek and modern take on a eucalyptus wreath. Since it’s so simple, it can be displayed year-round for a pop of greenery in your home.

Buy At: West Elm

frosted winter wreath using faux cedar pine eucalyptus and mistletoe from ballard designs

2) Frosted Winter Wreath, $119

This wreath has an asymmetrical, modern look with faux cedar, pine, eucalyptus, and mistletoe which is fun and festive!

Buy At: Ballard Designs

olive leaf wreath from pottery barn

3) Olive Leaf Wreath, $199

This simple olive leaf wreath can be used during Christmas time and all year round. The little pops of color are a delightful sight.

Buy At: Pottery Barn

boxwood and fern wreath from etsy

4) Boxwood Wreath, $120

This beautiful fern and boxwood wreath was designed to take you through all the seasons. Its size and natural beauty are enchanting.

Buy At: Etsy

5) Dried Eucalyptus Wreath, $129

This wreath has tons of texture thanks to the mixed arrangement of freshly cut eucalyptus including spiral, seeded, and knife-blade eucalyptus plants. Each one is made to order so yours will be fresh and unique.

Buy At: West Elm

Eucalyptus & Mixed Greens Wreath from williams sonoma

6) Eucalyptus & Mixed Greens Wreath $120

Adorn your home with an artfully arranged wreath layered with remarkably realistic leaves, berries, and greenery. Perfect for a guest room, hallway or entry. This wreath really captures the holiday spirit.

Buy At: Williams Sonoma

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Berry Holiday Wreaths

artificial  wreath using evergreens, pine, olive branches, and red berries from etsy

7) Christmas Pine Wreath, $235

Make a statement this year by hanging this 24-inch classic wreath on your door. It’s made from artificial evergreens, pine, olive branches, and red berries to give off that festive Christmas feel. This wreath is timeless.

Buy At: Etsy

winter berry wreath with light up lights from grandin road

8) Winter Berry Wreath, $199

This Christmas wreath is definitely eye-catching with its bright red berries and battery-powered lights. What makes the wreath extra cool? The lights have a timer for your convenience. They make it shine like a cold winter’s night.

Buy At: Grandin Road

mixed pine and berry wreath from ballard designs

9) Mixed Pine and Berry Wreath, $149

Nothing screams Christmas more than holly berries and pine branches. This classic red and green traditional Christmas wreath features some pinecones to bring nature indoors this holiday season.

Buy At: Ballard Designs

Faux Mushrooms & Berry Wreath from world market

10) Faux Mushrooms & Berry Wreath, $30

Bring the forest indoors with this asymmetrical and whimsical wreath. This grapevine wreath is adorned with faux greenery, red berries, adorable mushrooms, and pine cones.

Buy At: World Market

oval berry wreath with winter pine, bayleaf, twigs and berries from etsy

11) Oval Berry Wreath, $240

Greet your guests in style this season with this out of the ordinary Oval Wreath. The wreath is full of natural-looking winter pine, bay leaf, twigs, and red berries along with natural pinecones.

Buy At: Etsy

faux twigs and red berry wreath from crate and barrel

12) Faux Twigs & Red Berry Wreath, $119

Twigs and faux berries wind a large wreath adding festive color above a fireplace or as a welcoming wall decoration in the foyer. We love this simple wreath.

Buy At: Crate & Barrel

Pinecone Wreaths

red pinecone wreath with touches of silver from etsy

13) Red Pinecone Wreath, $130-$375

Hundreds of pine cones were used to create this elegant Christmas wreath, and it shows. This is a gorgeous wreath and a great pop of color.

Buy At: Etsy

green leaves and pinecone wreath from etsy

14) Pinecone Wreath, $165-$255

This wreath was made to outlast the holiday season and can be displayed through February since it has such a pretty, winter feel. 

Buy At: Etsy

multi colored pinecone wreath from etsy

15) Maine Pinecone Wreath, $168

The pinecones on this wreath are collected off the coast of Maine and are wired onto a sturdy metal frame. This wreath is not only beautiful, but it’s also extremely durable too.

Buy At: Etsy

dried natural amazonian flower wreath from etsy

16) Natural Amazonian Flower, $219

These actually aren’t pinecones, they’re dried Amazonian flowers. They give off the same natural, forest vibes as a pinecone wreath, but with an interesting twist.

Buy At: Etsy

gold handmade pinecone wreath from etsy

17) Gold Handmade Wreath, $86

This pinecone wreath comes in two different finishes: natural and golden. Depending on your style, this handmade wreath is gorgeous on its own or you can add more ornaments to completely customize it.

Buy At: Etsy

natural pinecone, acorn, and sweet gum seeds wreath from etsy

18) Natural Pine Cone Wreath, $40-$75

If you love pinecones as much as we do here at Joy Us garden, then this natural wreath is a must-have. It’s made with real locally sourced pine cones, acorns, and sweet gum seeds, so pretty!

Buy At: Etsy

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We hope you enjoy these beautiful Christmas wreath ideas as much as we do and they a touch of beauty to your holiday decor!

Happy Holidays!

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