Aloe Vera 101: A Round Up of Aloe Vera Plant Care Guides

Aloe Vera is one of our favorite plants here at Joy Us garden, and for good reason. These plants are fun to look at and easy to care for. I really like that they grow well both indoors and outdoors. As has become a tradition at Joy Us garden, we’re wrapping up the year with a roundup post on our Aloe Vera plant care guides. Think of it as Aloe Vera 101: How to Care for this Plant with Purpose.

At the end of this post, you can view a quick video I created on Aloe vera, which will also be shared on Joy Us garden’s Facebook page as well as on Youtube.  Now, here are our best how-to guides on Aloe Vera:

How To Care For Aloe Vera Plant: A Plant With Purpose

Want to know everything about caring for this plant including watering, temperature, and light? Our basic Aloe Vera tips for growing outdoors & indoors are right here!

close up of a large aloe vera plant in a purple & green container on a patio

Growing Aloe Vera Indoors: 5 Reasons Why You May Be Having Problems

Aloe vera is an attractive & beneficial succulent plant to grow in your home. Here are 5 reasons why you may be having problems growing aloe vera indoors.

close up of 4" aloe vera plants growing in a greenhouse

2 Ways I Made My Aloe Vera A Whole Lot Happier

I’ve done a lot of gardening over the years. Sometimes, I learn something brand new. In this post, I share 2 ways in which I made my somewhat unhappy aloe vera plant flourish.

close up of an aloe vera plant pup with brownish leaves

Aloe Vera Propagation: How To Remove Pups From the Mother Plant

Aloe vera grows pups or babies directly from the mother plant. You can learn how to remove them from the plant, & then you’ll have more opportunity to grow many more!

an aloe vera plant with no container & broken leaves & pups sits on a potting table

How to Plant and Care For Aloe Vera Pups

Here, I teach you how I transplant those babies into another pot.

Aloe Vera: An Easy Care Succulent to Grow As A Houseplant

Yes, you can and should grow an aloe vera plant indoors! They help filter the air, are so useful & make a lovely addition to your decor. This one covers my best tips on growing an aloe vera indoors.

close up of an aloe vera plant with babies at the base in a red & gold pot

Answering Your Questions About Aloe Vera

This is about growing Aloe vera indoors because the majority of people grow it as a houseplant. We get many questions regarding the care of Aloe vera so we have taken the most frequently asked ones and will be providing you with answers

What To Know About Planting Aloe Vera In Containers

As the title will tell you, I show you how to plant Aloe vera in containers & large pots. They look absolutely beautiful & can grow quite large! I also have a particular mix I like to use to keep the plant well-nourished & growing strong.

close up of 3 aloe vera plants in a large blue/purple pot

7 Ways to Use Aloe Vera Leaves Plus How to Store Them!

The best part about Aloe vera?  Their leaves filled with that wonderful gel! Over the years, I’ve found multiple uses for this plant. You can check out this post, & learn about the different ways that I use Aloe vera plants after they’ve been harvested.

close up of 2 large aloe vera leaves with 2 pieces cut open on a cutting board with a knife

Aloe Vera 101: A Video Guide

You can find this plant, more houseplants and lots of info in our simple and easy to digest houseplant care guide: Keep Your Houseplants Alive.

We hope you found this content useful! What’s your favorite thing about Aloe Vera?

Happy gardening,

Signed by Nell Foster

Learn More About Succulents!

You can find more houseplant info in my simple and easy to digest houseplant care guide: Keep Your Houseplants Alive

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  1. I have a large adult plant, a teenager, and a toddler. lol! I love these and am striving to get all three as large as I can with the grow lights in my apartment. They all look healthy as sin!!

  2. I found this post when I googled for “how to use aloe vera,” stayed for the growing tips, and then found your Facebook feed. Happy Day! Thanks for informative cheerful posts!! Tricia in Michigan

  3. Can you tell me what causes my Aloe leaves to “deflate”, as if the gel inside has evaporated? Too little water?

  4. Yes Millie, it’s either lack of water, too much sun, or extreme heat. I live in Tucson where this past summer was extremely hot. That happened to the leaves on my AV but now they’re plumping back up.

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