Gardening Gifts for Mom: Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Does your mom have a love for being in the garden? If she does, she will want to have some garden tools and accessories to keep her garden looking its best. More than just the best gardening gifts for mom, we have picked out other thoughtful gifts that any green thumb would love.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and that’s we created this list of 19 great gardening gifts. We’re sure Mom’s garden requires a lot of hard work and these garden essentials will make her hours in the garden much easier.

Whether she’s an aspiring beginner in the garden or has years of experience, she will enjoy some tools and accessories for her backyard oasis.

Discover this list of delightful yet useful gardening gifts for mom whether it’s Mother’s Day, her birthday, the holidays, or just because!

Gardening Gifts For Mom

A collage showing 4 garden gift ideas for mom 2 pairs of pruners a hummingbird feeder tub trugs & wind chimes.

1) Garden Tool Set, $43.99

A complete tool kit for gardening.

A portable and easy-to-store toolset, this 7-piece set with a detachable bag is a thoughtful gift for a newbie or seasoned gardener.

Your gardening mom can keep all her tools in one place so she won’t have to worry about losing track of what she needs.

2) Thick Kneeling Pad, $16.97

A woman in the garden on a blue kneeling pad.

An accessory often forgotten this kneeling pad is something every gardener uses frequently, making it a perfect gift.

It helps you stay comfortable while sitting or kneeling on the ground for long periods of time. Mom’s knees will certainly enjoy the extra cushioning.

3) Maple Garden Carry All $78.00

A woman holding a garden carry all basket outdoors in grassy area with veggies in basket.

Hand-crafted exclusively for terrain, this spacious garden carry-all is a great way to collect flowers, remove weeds, harvest fruits and vegetables, and toting tools. Each heirloom-quality carry-all features a maple handle and side rails, white pine end pieces, and a metal mesh basket.

4) Eight Pattern Watering Wand $14.98

Long reaching garden wand.

This watering wand is a great option to have when it comes to watering. The wand has eight versatile patterns to reach your watering needs, 33-inch length, great for watering hanging plants or hard-to-reach areas. Easy to operate thumb control requires less force to operate.

5) Micro Tip Snips, $6.99

Oange micro nip pruners.

Snips are needed for fine pruning. The more a garden grows, the more maintenance it will need. This is a perfect gardening gift and at a great price.

These tip snips make pruning fleshy and thin stems so much easier. And, they’re great for deadheading and harvesting flowers. Stainless steel means they will be longer lasting, this is one of our top picks.

6) Pruners, $19.99

Two pairs of pruners with cream handles.

Plants need to be pruned regularly so your mom will want to have a pair of pruners at the ready. Pruners are a type of cutting tool that is designed specifically to trim plants.

The nips above handle fine stems but these pruners can cut branches from trees and shrubs up to 1/2 inches thick. Plus, it’s good to have 2 pairs in case 1 gets lost in the garden (oh, like that’s never happened before!).

7) Grace Rose Farm Bouquet Of Roses, $169

Bouquet of white and light pink roses in vase.

If mom doesn’t grow roses, but she loves them, then send her this gorgeous bouquet as a special gift. Sophisticated yet simple, these light pink and white garden roses never go out of style. The complementary shades create a timeless arrangement for all seasons.

For more colors, you can check out some of the other arrangements that are available. These bright & light pink roses are beautiful too and are a great choice for a Mother’s Day gift.

8) Sharpener for Your Pruner, $18.68

A small tool sharpener with an orange handle.

Since mom will be using a pruner frequently she’ll want a sharp blade. This is one of those practical gifts most people would overlook but a sharpener like this is a perfect present. She can store both of these items in the toolset listed at the top. This one is lightweight and so easy to use.

9) Sun Protection Shirt, $89.00

Two women standing next to each other wearing uv sun protection shirts.

Many gardeners don’t even know that these shirts exist! Instead of buying expensive, sticky sunscreen, moms can wear this UPF50+UV shirt that provides sun protection.

It’s made of light, airy fabric so you won’t feel too hot working for a long time under the sun. It comes in several colors and sizes and is very comfortable to wear and easy to take on and off. 

Looking for more gardening tools? Check out: Essential Gardening Tools You Can Buy On Amazon

10) Hanging Planter, $29.99

A 3-tier white hanging planter.

Similar to a hanging pot, this hanging planter can help create an instant indoor garden. It will complement her kitchen, living room, or covered back porch.

This one can hang at eye length too, so watering her plants will be as simple as can be.

How great would these be for Succulents!

11) Wind Chimes, $34.94

 Wind chimes hanging from a tree.

These wind chimes are for “people who like their neighbors” which basically means they create a beautiful and gentle tone in the wind.

I think wind chimes help make any outdoor space more relaxing and mom can enjoy the sound while gardening. These also come in many different colors to fit any taste. 

12) Flexible Garden Tub, $29.62

Two pink tubs with flowers inside them.

These Tub Trugs are flexible yet extra strong. They’ll make it easy to carry for mom to carry her plants around and collect trimmings.

This falls under one of those practical gardening gifts. I love the pop of color too. Nell wouldn’t be without one!

13) Copper Hummingbird Feeder, $32.00

Two hummingbirds eating out of a copper hummingbird feeder.

If your mom loves hummingbirds, this gift is perfect for her. We love handmade gifts and this unique hummingbird feeder is a beautiful way to attract more of these adorable birds into your garden.

Plenty of hummingbirds will be stopping by in no time!

14) Indoor/Outdoor Planters, $41.99

Two faux grey/white marble plant pots, one has a fiddle leaf fig planted inside.

Aren’t these beautiful?! These pots are designed to last against the elements so they’re perfect for outdoor gardeners. If mom is more into indoor plants this is still a great gift idea to give to her on her special day.

Even though they look like marble, the best part is they’re made out of durable, lightweight recycled plastic so they’ll be easy to move and work with. 

15) Circle Bird Feeder $89.00

Copper circle bird feeder shown outdoors.

This is a great garden-themed gift and who knew a bird feeder could be so stylish? This gift is perfect for saying Happy Mother’s Day to your gardener mom.

16) Bionic Steel Garden Hose $59.09

Bionic steel 75 foot hose from Amazon.

Nell is a big fan of this garden hose. She has 2 of them and they have been long-lasting in her garden. They’re lightweight, don’t kink, and roll up easily. Any avid gardener knows having a great hose is a must.

17) Raised Garden Bed $149.99

Wooden raised garden bed from amazon.

Does your mom love to grow her own herbs or veggies? She can do so in style with this beautiful raised garden bed. Planting and harvesting are much easier with an elevated planter like this. This heavy-duty planter is 10″ deep and made with yellow cedar to help prevent rot.

18) Herb Garden in Wooden Box $59.99

Fresh herbs: rosemary, thyme, and sage shown in wooden fresh herb box from Harry and David.

Place this rustic herb garden in a sunny spot and enjoy growing your own rosemary, thyme, and sage. Planted in a reclaimed-wood crate with rope handles that will fit perfectly on a windowsill or kitchen counter, fresh herbs for all your favorite recipes will always be at hand.

19) Provence Scalloped Terracotta Pot $29.50

Four Terracotta pots, 2 with plants inside from Pottery Barn.

Handcrafted with terracotta from India, this planter has classic color and the added scalloping sets it apart. These pots would look lovely on an outdoor patio. The planters have a drainage hole and include a saucer.

There you have it. I wanted to provide a list of gardening gifts for Mom for Mother’s Day because it’s approaching sooner than you think. However, these gifts can be purchased at any time of the year.

Save this list because I’m sure you’ll want them for Mother’s Day, Christmas, her birthday, or just because!

Note: This guide was first published on April 7, 2018… We updated this guide on April 3, 2021 & then again on April 7, 2023.

Happy Gardening,


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