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Propagating A ZZ Plant: Rooting Stem Cuttings In Water

A few long stems broke off my ZZ Plant while dividing it into 3. This is all about propagating a ZZ Plant by rooting the stem cuttings in water. It takes some time but it works! These tips will help you out.

I divided my humungous ZZ Plant into 3 separate plants several months backs quite successfully, thank you very much. I’d never done this before so I was a bit apprehensive to have at it with the pruning saw and cut some of those big tubers in half. All of the plants are doing great which is… Read more

Light Freeze Damage On Bougainvilleas: What It Looks Like & What To Do About It

Do you think your bougainvillea has been hit by the cold? Mine were a few weeks ago. I want to show you what light freeze damage looks like on bougainvilleas & tell you what my plan of action is.

Oh bougainvilleas; just when I thought I’d written all I could write about you, this happens. All in all it’s been a very mild winter here in Tucson but we did have 1 evening in mid to late December when the temps dropped to 29 degrees. Brrrrr – the bougies weren’t very happy about that…. Read more

How to Rebloom Orchids

A Phalaenopsis Orchid is a beautiful houseplant with long lasting flowers. Yours will re-bloom again if you know these key points regarding care & growing. This will help you to get your orchid to flower once or twice a year!

Orchids are beautiful and exotic flowers that are associated with fertility, virility, and sexuality. They look great in home decor adding elegance and grace to an area. However, many people struggle with how to rebloom orchids. How long your orchid lasts greatly depends on how well you take care of it. The most beautiful part of… Read more

Repotting My Beautiful Adenium aka Desert Rose

I love Adeniums for their interesting forms & beautiful flowers & have been growing 1 on my patio. This is all about repotting my Adenium obesum, aka Desert Rose, into a low, wide bowl. See the materials used & steps taken.

It was true love when the Adenium my dad grew in the greenhouse attached to our home in Connecticut bloomed for the 1st time. What was this gorgeous plant with the twisting branches and the trumpet-shaped flowers? So exotic! Many moons later, after 1 year in Boston, 7 years in New York City and 30… Read more

Bromeliads 101: A Round Up Of Our Care Posts

We love Bromeliads - they're such easy & colorful houseplants! Here's a Bromeliads 101: a round up of 9 of our posts & videos on bromeliad care all in 1 place for your reference.

Oh you know how much I love bromeliads – yes I do. What’s not to love? They’re easy care, give off that groovy tropical vibe, come in vibrant colors and most have fabulous foliage. I always have at least 1 in my house and grew lots of them in my Santa Barbara garden. This is… Read more