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Repotting A Euphorbia Trigona: The Mix To Use & a Good Trick To Know

Here's everything you need to know about repotting a Euphorbia trigona; whether growing as a houseplant or outdoors. This includes the best times to do it, the soil mix to use, the steps to take & things good to know.

My Euphorbia trigona rubra was growing like a weed and needed a bigger base to keep it in proportion. It’s not that the roots were showing or coming out of the drain holes but those stems sure were were getting taller and heavy. This is all about repotting a Euphorbia trigona including the mix to… Read more

Aeonium Arboreum Care Made Simple

I've grown Aeoniums along the coast of California & now here in the Arizona desert. These Aeonium arboreum care tips cover you for both climates. They do great in containers!

Time to serve up more succulent love. This go round it’s those fascinating rosette forming aeoniums which I grew lots of in my Santa Barbara garden. I was told they wouldn’t do nearly as well here in Tucson but I brought few cuttings with me anyway. To my surprise, they’re doing fine. This is all… Read more

The Best Tips for Growing Your Own Balcony Garden

Balcony gardening is all the rage right now, especially for apartment dwellers living in the big cities. Here's our list of pro tips for growing your own balcony garden which along with key points to consider. Learn how to get started & what you'll need. This is great if you're beginning gardener.

Balcony gardening is all the rage right now, especially for apartment dwellers living in the big cities. It’s really no surprise since many studies point to a variety of benefits that stem from gardening in a closed-in environment. So, we thought it would be useful for the readers at Joy Us garden to learn a… Read more

Dracaena Song Of India Care & Growing Tips: The Plant With Vibrant Foliage

Do you love bright chartreuse foliage? Well then, this houseplant with the interesting, twisting growth habit is right up your alley. These Dracaena Song Of India care tips will keep yours healthy & looking good.

I first saw a Dracaena reflexa, then called Pleomele reflexa, when I was working as an interior plantscaper in Boston. We didn’t get many in from the grower in Florida but I’ve always loved this plant. It develops an interesting somewhat twisted form as it grows which adds to its appeal. I’ve been growing Dracaena… Read more

3 Ways To DIY A Faux Succulent Wreath

Do you like the look of a succulent wreath but don't want the maintenance & upkeep? Here are different 3 ideas for creating a faux succulent wreath using vine & twig wreath forms. Any of these would be great for your covered front door, hallway, kitchen or bathroom.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin! I was looking at prints for my hallway and thought: why do another piece of art when what I really want is something with a bit more dimension like a succulent wreath? I’ve found that succulent wreaths are much easier to maintain and keep alive outdoors than indoors. Plus, no… Read more

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