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Spray Painting, Protecting & Revitalizing A Vintage Patio Set

There’s just something about eating outdoors that I love. I’m especially tickled to have a patio right off my kitchen in my new home in the Sonoran Desert. The wrought iron lattice dining set which I brought with me from Santa Barbara was long overdue for a face lift. Time to grab the paints, sanding… Read more

How To Prune & Feed Mint In Pots To Promote Growth

Oh mint, what a wonderful herb you are. Not only is your smell and taste extremely appealing and a delight for the senses, but you look great in the garden too. I live in a temperate climate so by the end of January my Mojito Mint was looking like it needed and wanted a good cut… Read more

How To Grow Pink Jasmine Vine, Jasminum polyanthum

People love Pink Jasmine, aka Jasminum polyanthum, because of its strong, sweet scent and abundance of  blooms. I bet you’ve already seen it flowering like crazy around your town and are wondering how to grow Pink Jasmine Vine so that you too can also enjoy that delightful aroma. After all, who doesn’t want a plant… Read more

The Annual Winter Or Spring Pruning Of A Hybrid Tea Rose

Roses are the world’s favorite flower. They can be seen in vases and in the gardens everywhere. In order to ensure optimum health and flowering, different types of roses need to be pruned in different ways. Today I’m sharing how to do the annual winter or spring pruning of a hybrid tea rose. Hybrid tea… Read more

Decorative Tabletop Planters For Houseplants

Written By: Lucy Ferreira For the past few months, I’ve been adding more greenery to my indoors space: Pothos, Fiddle Leaf Fig, String Of Pearls and Dracaena marginata are some of my new roommates.  I love them all but have also ended up with the most random collection of ugly grow pots. With spring being… Read more