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The Most Important Thing to Do Before Pruning: Clean And Sharpen Your Pruning Tools

Before you start any big pruning job, you want to clean & sharpen your pruning tools. There are 3 easy steps which you'll see in the video. Plus, you'll find choices for great pruning tools!

Am I the only one who really loves to prune? Fall and spring are the busiest times for pruning.  Now that we’re well into September, I wanted to share this with you. Before you start any kind of big pruning job, there’s 1 very important thing to do. It’s simple but sometimes we need reminding:… Read more

Aloe Vera Propagation: How To Remove Pups From the Mother Plant

Do you want more Aloe vera? If yours is happy & healthy you can have more of this amazing plant.This is all about Aloe vera propagation & how to remove pups (babies) from the mother plant.

Aloe vera, besides being a plant with purpose, is a succulent which just keeps on giving. If your plant is healthy and happy, you’ll see babies, or pups, growing off the base of the mother plant. I’ll show you the easiest method of Aloe vera propagation, in my opinion anyway. This is all about removing… Read more

Aloe Vera: An Easy Care Succulent to Grow As A Houseplant

Aloe vera is probably the most popular succulent houseplant in the world. Here are lots of care & growing tips so you can keep yours as healthy as can be & reap the all the benefits it provides.

Aloe vera – oh how we love and need you! Often times called just Aloe, this is a great plant to have around your home. This succulent is truly a plant with purpose and so handy to have in the kitchen or bathroom. These care tips for growing Aloe vera as a houseplant will help… Read more

How To Grow A Staghorn Fern Indoors

Staghorn Ferns are as cool & artsy as a houseplant gets. However, they can be a bit challenging so here are some tips for growing them indoors.

I’m serving up buckets of artsy plant fun here: Staghorn Ferns are just the right amount of cool with a dash of wackiness thrown in. They’re epiphytes, just like orchids and bromeliads, which means they grow on other plants in their native environment, which is the tropical rainforest. They do great outdoors in temperate climates… Read more

Tips For Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck From A Small Vegetable Garden

Small spaces can be utilized quite efficiently even if you're on a budget. Here are a few tips for getting the most bang from your buck from a small vegetable garden.

Written By Drew Housman Living in New York City, I’m often disappointed in the quality of products offered at the supermarkets. It’s not uncommon for carrots to wilt within a day, or for spinach to quickly turn into green mush even when it’s kept in the refrigerator’s “crisper” drawer. (Is anyone else certain that this has literally no… Read more