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How To Care For A Hoya Houseplant

Hoyas are stunning & easy care houseplants that you can find in a variety of leaf sizes, colors & textures. I want to share how to care for a Hoya houseplant & what I've learned over many years of growing them.

My dad loved Hoyas and had quite a few of them growing in our home greenhouse in Connecticut. I inherited my love of these long-lived beauties from him. I’ve since grown them in Santa Barbara, CA and now at my new home in Tucson, AZ. Three very different climates and environments where the Hoyas all… Read more

7 Ways to Use Aloe Vera Leaves Plus How to Store Them!

I really love Aloe vera's plump leaves full of gel & juice which you get to harvest. You can also buy large Aloe vera leaves in the produce section of some markets. I'm sharing how I use, cut & store aloe vera leaves. This truly is a plant with purpose!

One of the very best perks about growing Aloe vera is those plump leaves full of gel and juice which you get to harvest. I’ve been growing this medicinal plant for years and love that it not only looks good (especially when planted in a terra cotta pot) but has so many fabulous properties. Today,… Read more

What To Know About Planting Aloe Vera In Containers; Plus The Mix to Use

Aloe vera is such a useful plant to have growing in or outside your home. This guide to planting Aloe vera in containers (with a video to give you step by step) provides all you need to know. The mix you use is important & you'll find options here as well as how to maintain your Aloe vera when it's rooting in.

Aloe vera is a plant I love which I’ve always grown it in pots, both in the house and in the garden. It’s a plant that does great in containers whether in a grow pot or directly planted in. I’ve repotted it many times.  Here I want to share what I’ve learned about planting Aloe… Read more

11 Gifts that are Perfect for Your Succulent Obsessed Friends

Do you have a friend that simply adores succulents? Well, if you're interested in buying them a present that’ll remind them of their favorite plants, we've got a succulent gift guide just for you.

Flowers are lovely, aren’t they? When you give them away as a gift, either for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just because, they make the other person on the receiving end feel special and cared for. However, there’s just one problem. The beauty of flowers fades quickly! Luckily, there’s an alternative solution that is equally… Read more

ZZ Plant Care Tips: A Tough As Nails, Glossy Houseplant

Are you looking for an easy care yet gorgeous houseplant? Please check out the ZZ Plant's because your search will be over. Here are ZZ Plant care tips to guide you in growing this tough as nails houseplant.

As far as houseplants go, can we ever have too many? I think not. My home is loaded with them and 1 of my very favorites is tough as nails and so easy to grow. I want to share with you these ZZ Plant care tips so you can enjoy this gorgeous, glossy plant too…. Read more