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Freshening Up & Amending A Succulent Pot

My succulent pot needed amending & freshening up. It didn't need a bigger pot, just new mix in the same pot. See steps taken & materials used to give it a new lease on life.

I had a garden full of them in Santa Barbara but since I’ve moved to Tucson, I grow my fleshy succulents in containers. Most of them I brought as cuttings but this is 1 of 2 plants which made in to my new home. It was high time for freshening up and amending this succulent… Read more

How Well Do Houseplants Really Clean The Air?

Houseplants are a healthy addiction. They're good for the soul. I did a little research which got me to thinking: how well do houseplants really clean & purify the air? Here are my thoughts.

Houseplants are an blissful addiction  for me and I want at least 1 or 2 of them in every room. They make my house a home and really put a smile on my face.  I never bought any of them with the purpose of detoxification. As I was preparing for this post and video it… Read more

15 Stunning Types Of Sunflowers

Do you love Sunflowers like we do? Here are 15 stunning types of Sunflowers for you to grow from classic to unusual types. There are lots of beautiful pictures to help you make a choice.

Summer is here and nothing says summer quite like the sunflower! Sunflowers are known for their large faces and bright petals that match the sun’s rays. Grown year round, sunflowers are relatively easy to cultivate. Their beautiful petals love direct sunlight and flourish best in summer months. However, not all sunflowers possess that yellow color… Read more

Let’s Talk Toxicity & Houseplants; Plus Safe Choices For Cats & Dogs

We love our pets & our houseplants & want to share our homes with both. Here are things to thing about in regards to toxicity & houseplants along with resources & safe plant choices for cats & dogs.

I love my kitties and I love my houseplants. A home is a much more delightful place to be with both of them in it. You most likely feel that way about your pets and plants too. Toxicity and houseplants can be a somewhat fearsome and misunderstood subject so I want to give you some… Read more

Succulents Planted In Unusual Containers; Creative Ideas To Inspire You

Succulents are great to plant in unusual containers. This will give you ideas & inspirations for creative new ways to display your beloved succulents. Recycling & repurposing to the max!

Are you bored with the usual store bought containers to display your succulents?  This will give you some ideas and inspirations on how to use unusual things in which to display and plant your succulents. Succulents are great to plant in an atypical container because: -They have small root systems. Therefore, they don’t need much… Read more