12 Best Holiday Plants to Brighten Up Your Home for Christmas

Are you looking for some blooms to brighten up your Christmas season? These beautiful flowering holiday plants are sure to do just that.

Flowers always add a welcoming feel to any home. What better way to usher in the holiday season and the upcoming year than with an array of gorgeous blooms surrounding your evergreen tree? Some of the plants you’ll see are more conventional and others might take you by surprise. 

They all have beautiful blooms and can serve as living Christmas decorations or a gift for a loved one.

Note: This post was republished on 11/2/2022 with new images & more information.

Holiday Plants for Christmas

side by side of 2 anthuriums left side is reddish burgundy anthurium and right side is white anthurium


Anthurium plants have beautiful flowers that pair so well with their glossy green leaves. We see them sold in red, white, and burgundy during the holiday season.

This bright red variety is very eye-catching and the one most commonly seen for sale. You can also find these tropical plants in pink, white, and green.

Details on Anthurium Care for you.

close up photo of Paperwhite Narcissus flower in bloom

Paperwhite Narcissus

These flowers seem to have their own inner sparkle. Just look at the petals up close and you’ll see what I mean. The clean white color really epitomizes the winter months and the cool temperatures they bring.

We used to grow Paperwhites at the beginning of the new year to brighten up dark winter days. These beauties are easy to grow from bulbs and the perfect to compliment your holiday decor. They make for wonderful holiday houseplants.

close up of red calandiva, the flowers are starting to bloom


Red and green is a Christmas classic combo so the red blooms and green foliage on the Kalanchoes will fit just right into your decor.

Kalanchoes (and Calandivas which is the flower shown above) have lots of colorful blooms which cover the plants and are long-lasting. Because they’re succulents that need to be planted in well-drained soil, it’s a good idea to amend the soil for more aeration.

With little care, these plants make great house plants. You’re sure to find these at your local nursery since they are a common holiday plant.

We got you covered on Kalanchoe Care as well as Calandiva Care.

side by side photo of cyclamen, left side red and white cyclamen and right side pink and white cyclamen


These are popular bedding plants in coastal California for the winter season. Cyclamen flowers tend to open slowly but the foliage is so lovely and interesting.

They come in an array of different colors from white, red, pink, rose, or violet flowers. Garden centers and big box stores start selling these popular holiday plants in mass during the holiday season.

The mini Cyclamens are delightfully fragrant by the way!

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Christmas Cactus

I remember Christmas Cactus distinctly from my childhood and they’re still extremely popular. My dad had a green thumb and we grew them in our greenhouse and they’d come into bloom right around Thanksgiving or the late fall. 

Christmas Cacti are actually long-lasting plants; we’ve heard stories of this plant being in a family for generations. They come in an array of colors now, even yellow.

To get them to rebloom they need to go through a dark period. We have a post that covers that. Another name you may see them sold as is Holiday Cactus.

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nell foster stands next to many amaryllis plants with flowers


Amaryllis plants are another popular seasonal bulb and have large, beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers. They put on quite the show when in bloom.

They flower within 6-8 weeks of planting and although traditionally seen growing in soil, they can also be started in pebbles, rocks, or glass.

Shooting Star Hydrangea in bloom white flowers

Shooting Star Hydrangea

These pure white flowers will add a holiday spirit touch to any space. Their unconventional way of growing reminds me of a clear starry night.

They also come with pink or blue flowers but the white ones are sold at holiday time.

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close up of bright red rieger begonia plants


These are Rieger Begonias that are oh so floriferous. Be careful not to overwater them or mist their leaves because they’re susceptible to mildew.

They really put on a show when in full bloom. You can find them in white, pink, yellow, orange, and red.

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white Phalaenopsis Orchid with festive pinecone and ornament arrangement

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis Orchids are a lovely choice, as their flowers grow on tall, graceful stalks. Their blooms tend to be very long-lasting. Now you can readily find them sold in stores like Trader Joe’s, Lowes, Home Depot, and Safeway.

Cymbidium Orchids are another lovely choice if you can find them. If you’re keeping yours for the long haul it needs bright light for it to repeat bloom. Like most of these plants, be careful not to have it in direct sunlight because it will burn.

These Phalaenopsis Orchid Care Tips will help you out.

side by side photo of bromeliads, left side guzmania bromeliad with red flower left side neoregelia bromeliad with red flower


Bromeliads give you much more of a modern feel if that’s what you’re looking for. These, like orchids, have very long-lasting flowers.

Guzmanias are the ones you want because their blooms are the showiest. A word of warning: cats love to chew on them. Don’t worry about your pets though, because they’re non-toxic.

Neoregelias (pictured on the right) made the list of flowering plants for Christmas because of the foliage, not the blooms. They also add a modern tropical feel to your indoor environment. Neoregelias are pretty as an underplanting and make long-lasting indoor plants if the conditions are right.

They require good drainage and will lose their color in low light levels. You can place them in an east or west window since full sun exposure will cause them to burn.

We love Bromeliads! Here are some guides on caring for these beauties: Guzmania Care, Neoregelia Care, How To Water Bromeliads, When & How To Prune Bromeliad Flowers, Bromeliad Plant Turning Brown, Bromeliad Flowers Turning Brown, Propagating Bromeliads

close up of a poinsettia shimmer surprise with red & white flowers
Poinsettia Shimmer Surprise
collage of variety of poinsettias in white, white and red


There are so many varieties of Poinsettias on the market now in varied flower, foliage, and plant size. You can find them with many patterns and color combos – something for every Poinsettia lover!

The white Poinsettias are such a sweet reminder of the Star Of Bethlehem. The red Poinsettias are considered to be Christmas roses.

Some love them and some would never buy them. Either way, they need to wrap up this list because you see them everywhere this time of year. They are quintessential holiday plants!

Here are tips to help you Pick out the Perfect Poinsettia. And, you’ll need Poinsettia Plant Care Tips to keep that beautiful plant alive.

Here’s a list of Blooming Plants for Christmas besides Poinsettias, just in case!

pink and white azalea in full bloom


I worked for a florist and event company in San Francisco for 5 years that sent out a lot of white and red Azaleas during the Christmas season. The red ruffled flowers really add to your holiday decor.

Hope these beautiful holiday plants bring you joy during this wonderful season!

Have a joyful holiday,

Signed by Nell Foster

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