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What’s In Bloom At The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Sisyrinchium bellum

This past Monday was a warm and sunny day with endless blue skies so I decided to leave the computer behind and visit the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden that afternoon. It has a gorgeous canyon setting with miles of trails and views of the Santa Ynez Mountain range. I’ll share a few facts about the garden taken off their website. It encompasses 78 acres and is a model botanic garden dedicated to the research, education and conservation of California native plants. It is one of only 30 gardens accredited by the American Association of Museums as a living museum.

Spring is the most colorful season when all the wildflowers and many more of the natives come into bloom. This garden, unlike the last garden I showed you (Sherman Gardens) , is very naturalistic and the plants are tagged and named. Here’s what I found in bloom on January 16.

Salvia brandegeei

Garden Gluttony /

Garden Gluttony - Salvia spathaceaMonarch enjoying a Verbena lilacina
Garden Gluttony MonarchI believe this is a Penstemon
Salvia apiana & Fremondodendron with Santa Ynez Mts in the background
Garden GluttonyGalvezia speciosa Ribes sanguineum var.glutinosum
Salvia “Avis Keedy”

Cercis occidentalis
Garden Gluttony Heterotheca sessiliflora “San Bruno Mountain”
Mimulus “Jelly Bean White”
Ceanothus “Valley Violet”
Garden GluttonyVerbesina hastata
Dendromecon rigida ssp.harfordii
Garden Gluttony Ceanothus maritimus

To end, here is Stephen Ingram’s quote seen in the book California Native Plants for the Garden: “The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, with its scenic meadow, was founded in 1926 in response to concern over the rapid disappearance of California’s native flora”. A most lovely way to spend an hour or two!

Garden Gluttony - Saint Yanez Mountain

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