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Weekend Musings

Here are some of my weekend musings, things I find interesting, entertaining, useful & yummy. Have a great weekend & enjoy!

bee in flower

The ginormous 7′ Rosemary in my front yard is coming into bloom and the honey bees are starting to trickle in.  They love the sky blue flowers and buzz from bloom to bloom doing their thing.  Let’s hear it for pollinators – we need them!

That brings to mind the ages old saying: “busy as a bee”.   Going hand in hand with that is the Kin Hubbard quote: “a bee is never as busy as it seems; it’s just that it can’t buzz any slower”.  And that, is exactly how I feel this week – I just can’t buzz any slower!

And yes, we’re all busy and pulled in different directions every day.  It seems to me that technology  has made us more preoccupied than ever.  Does everyone really need to check their mobile phones every 2 minutes???

Speaking of technology, it’s been a nice distraction to take a few deep breaths and peruse the web for tidbits which might interest us all.  Let’s jump in:

Let’s start with the bees.  Here’s a short & easy to comprehend article on why we need bees so much.

Is your garden overflowing with herbs right now?  These 5 tips for preserving herbs will keep you happy come those cold winter months.

The kiddos are going back to school & this healthy (& fun) snack would tuck beautifully in their lunch boxes.  Hey, we grown ups would love these too!

Halloween is right around the corner & this spooky skull cake would be the talk of any party.  Doesn’t it make a frightenly beautiful centerpiece?!

It’s not too early to be thinking about roses for next year.  I love Heirloom Roses, many of these are fragrant, so have enjoy this fine selection.  Besides beautiful pictures & lots to choose from, they give you growing & care tips for these winter hardy blooming shrubs.

If you’re ever in the beautiful city of Berlin, then you’ll want to take a quick excursion out to Sansoucci Park.  The garden & grounds are so beautiful.  You can tour the palace which was the summer home of Frederick The Great, aka, the Potato King.  This was posted in my very early & infrequent days of blogging so get ready for lots of photos!

Weekend Musings always needs a quote.  I love Zig Ziglar & this one attitude, not aptitude is so very true.

Here are a few of Lucy’s musings:

Thanks to the gorgeous summer weather I’ve been doing some photo walks on some big SoCal cities one in San Diego and another one in LA at the Santa Monica Pier.

If you are a tree lover you’ll sure appreciate this photographic project that took 14 year to complete, these are the world’s oldest living trees.

Have a most wonderful weekend!


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