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An Easy To Make, Colorful Pom Pom Christmas Ornament

Here's an easy to make Christmas ornament DIY filled with colorful, sparkly pom poms. It'll look so festive on your tree!

This ornament is a fun & easy Christmas crafting project for kids.


We’ve just published another DIY Christmas decorating book, Ornaments To Make Your Christmas Sparkle, and this is one of the creations you can find inside the pages. All of the 25 ornaments are easy to make, full of sparkle and will be a welcome addition to your Christmas tree. Let’s not waste any more precious holiday crafting time, on to the pom pom ornament.


You can see the ingredients I used in the 1st photo. The beauty of these fillable ornaments is that you can fill them with anything – flowers, berries, foliages, beads, glitter, candy … the possibilities go on and on. I just love these little, sparkly pom poms and because it’s hard to put them on the tree individually, I thought an ornament filled with them would be the next best thing.

Be sure to watch the short video below because that’s where you’ll see me at my work table showing how to make this ornament. By the way, these ornaments are really fun and easy for kids to make too.  Just be sure to keep them away from the hot glue pan – a cool melt glue gun is a much safer idea.

There are two more Christmas ornament creating how to’s coming your way very soon. These are also found in our book along with techniques and supplies you’ll need as well as a resources section so you can locate everything. Next up is a festive candy cane studded snowflake followed by a traditional holly berry vine wreath. Oh, there are some links for you below the video to some other holiday creating posts and videos you might enjoy.

Happy holidays, Happy creating!

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