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How to Make An Easy Napkin Ring

How to Make An Easy Napkin Ring

Need an easy yet creative and unusual napkin ring idea?  If you like plants and flowers then this one’s for you.  This project comes together fast, is inexpensive and something your guests can take home as a remembrance of the occasion.  

It would be real simple to change the out the ribbon and flowers to match your decor or theme.  Head’s up – there’s a video waiting for you at the end so you can actually see how lickety-split this comes together.

Here are all the materials laid out and ready to go.  The ingredients are 5/8″ sheer, unwired ribbon, 1 alstroemeria with 2-3″ of the stem left on, 1 air plant and 1 cloth napkin.  The only other things you’ll need are scissors and hot glue.

Easy Napkin Ring

Fold the napkin in a manner which appeals to you.  You’ll see how I folded this one in the video.  Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to work into a bow with tails – the length is up to you here.  Make sure the bow itself is nice and tight.

Easy Napkin Ring

Dab a small dot of hot glue into the center of the bow.   You don’t want to use too much glue here – your guests want to be able to remove the plant from the ribbon once they get home.  Make sure the glue dries and cools a bit so you don’t burn the air plant when you adhere it.   Secure the air plant to the center of the bow.  If you don’t have hot glue then just leave the tails of the bow longer and tie the air plant into the bow.

Easy Napkin Ring

Next, slip the stem of alstroemeria under the bow and the air plant.  And that’s all there is to it – you have a beautiful presentation done in no time at tall.  Air plants are perfect for this because they don’t grow in soil and live with just a spritz of water once or twice a week.  

By the way, succulents would be a great alternative plant to use if you fancy those.  You could make these napkin rings up  a few days prior to your event and then just slip in the flower (make sure the flower will hold up out of water for at least 5 hours) just before the guests arrive.


Here are some ideas of other flowers you could use that hold up and look good out of water for a short period: rose, carnations (there are  mini carns too), orchids, nasturtiums, statice, mini calla lilies, Asiatic lilies and baby’s breath.  You can certainly find a flower and color which appeals to you.  Your guests will love it!

Here’s the video shot at my worktable showing you how easy this project really is.


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