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I Have Somethings To Show You: A Bromeliad Greenhouse

Come along with us as we tour a bromeliad grower's greenhouses in Santa Barbara area. There's a short video tour for your viewing pleasure.

A Bromeliad Greenhouse


You know how I love bromeliads!  They  grow in my side garden and I look at them many times a day on my way from the shed (the Joy Us garden world headquarters) into the house where the bathroom is. Not only are they interesting and easy to maintain, but are surprisingly drought tolerant which counts for a lot in California these days.  So when we visited a bromeliad grower’s greenhouses a couple of weeks ago, I was happy as peas in their pods. 

Lucy and I visited these greenhouses, just 10 minutes south of Santa Barbara, to film a video about the air plants we sell so you could see how healthy they are.  Plus, it’s just plain fun to visit any grower’s greenhouse or growing grounds.  Air plants are bromeliads, in case you didn’t know.  We wandered across the way into the house that hold all the bromeliads and I thought that you would see them in mass.

Lots of bromeliads to see:

P1050033_new P1050031_new

Bromeliads make great houseplants and are one of the blooming plants mentioned in the book I wrote about houseplant care.  They tolerate the dry air in homes and keep their color in average light levels.  When I was an interior plantscaper, we used them a lot in malls, lobbies and offices because they’re tough and long lasting.  I wanted to take 1 of each of them I saw home with me!


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  1. I love them too thanks for the advice.I thought I was doing something wrong. My flower had starting to die

  2. Hi Tara – You’re so welcome. It’s just part of their cycle – they flower, the mother plant dies & new pups appear. Nothing at all wrong on your part! Nell

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