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Flower Friday: Pink Roses

Pink Roses Varieties

Pink roses are some of the earliest roses to be found.  Many other colors have since evolved and the hybridizers continue to introduce new ones all the time.  Pink roses used to be the standard for bridesmaid’s bouquets ions ago but my how times have changed.

Pink Roses

  Archiduc Joesph, a hybrid tea

Pink Roses

 La Sylphide, a hybrid tea

Pink Roses

  Neptune, a hybrid tea

Pink Roses

  Elle, a hybrid tea

If you give someone a bouquet of pink roses, it’s a symbol of appreciation and gratitude.   Pink roses, which run the gamut in color and shade,  are the epitome of grace and elegance.

Pink Roses

  Jacques Cartier, an old world shrub

Pink Roses

 Belle Story, a shrub

Pink Roses

  Perfume Delight, a hybrid tea

Here are a few famous people to have pink roses named after them: Princess Grace, Betty White, Mark Twain, Natasha Richardon, Liv Tyler, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth.  Lovely company to keep!

Pink Roses

  Lavender Lassie, a shrub

Pink Roses

  White Mary Rose, a shrub

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  1. Wow! Such a wonderful array of pink roses.

  2. Thank you Chris. We’ve done yellow roses for Flower Friday so you know there are more colors coming. Rosechat Radio is awesome by the way!

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