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Flower Friday: Hibiscus


Some of the newer varieties of Hibiscus are downright wild and crazy.   They’d cause even Lady Gaga’s head to spin!  These pictured here are some of the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis’ I’ve seen on the streets of Santa Barbara both in shrub and tree form.  They’re native to subtropical and tropical areas all over the world and have been sighted tucked behind the ears of women everywhere.

Gorgeous hibiscus

Stunning orange hibiscus

Vibrant yellow hibiscus

Bold and colorful hibiscus

In the language of flowers, Hibiscus means gentle or delicate beauty.  This is fitting because the individual flowers themselves only last a day.  In India they symbolize the power of the divine feminine.  No wonder why Carmen Miranda loved them!

Stunning orange hibiscus

Fiery and bright hibiscus

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