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Consultation With Nell

I love gardening!

I spend quite a bit of time answering questions on my blog, Youtube channel & via email.  I’m happy to provide quick advice but perhaps you may need or want more than I can give in a 3 to 4 line answer.  Let me help solve your gardening dilemma.

Topics I Can Help You With:

  • beginning gardening
  • soil preparation & amending
  • fertilizers
  • pruning
  • container gardening
  • organic gardening
  • succulents
  • bromeliads
  • houseplants
  • herbs

How It Works

Prior to booking, please send a 1-3 line description of what I can help you with to That way, I’ll be prepared and won’t waste your time (or your hard earned dollars).  If photos would be helpful, please send those too. We’ll then pick a time for the consultation.

Sessions are done via Skype or phone.

What it Will Cost

Cost: $10 for 15 minutes.  Each additional 15 minute block of time added on will be an additional $10.

Hours available:  10 – 4 pst.

 One-On-One Consultation


A Bit About Me

Not only is gardening a passion for me, but I studied horticulture & environmental design in college & have worked in a related field my whole life.  I’ve playing with flowers and plants for a very long time.  I’ve been an interior plantscaper, herb propagator, floral assistant, nursery salesperson as well as having my own business for over 20 years as a garden designer & professional gardener.

I was raised on a farm & began gardening when I was knee high to a grasshopper.  I’ve learned so much through hands on experience & getting my hands in the dirt. For me gardening comes naturally but for you it may not.  Let me share with you what I’ve learned!