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Caring For Cast Iron Plants: What You Need To Know To Grow Them Indoors

Written by: Scott T. McNeill The cast iron plant is a dream come true; for many who have had many plants die on them. They are low maintenance, survive almost anything (or anyone) and will grow in spite of many unfavorable factors. Also known as Iron plant, Barroom plant, and a few other names –… Read more

Propagating Bromeliads: How to Remove & Pot Up Bromeliad Pups

Bromeliads grow outdoors in temperate climates and also make wonderful and easy houseplants. They bring color and beauty into our homes and liven and brighten up whatever space they’re in. The mother plant dies after flowering but produces pups (babies) before going through that cycle. Fortunately for us they’re very easy to propagate! I want… Read more

Getting 2 Plants From 1: Dividing And Planting A Foxtail Fern

Shopping for plants is 1 of my favorite things to do. I set out last December in search of 2 Foxtail Ferns to plant at the edge of my pink grapefruit tree but the ones available in the 1 gallon size were on the puny side. The 5 gallon plants were looking much more pleasing… Read more

How To Plant Bougainvillea To Grow Successfully: The Most Important Thing To Know

A little hummer enjoying my “Rainbow Gold”. This is 1 of the reasons you want to successfully plant your bougainvillea – hummingbirds & butterflies love them! I’ve maintained many bougainvilleas, and I’ve planted many of them. Planting a bougainvillea isn’t too much different than planting any other shrub or vine except for 1 key factor…. Read more

How I Potted My Staghorn Fern To Grow In The Desert

My Staghorn Ferns were happily living on the coast of Southern California just 7 blocks away from the beach. Not a climate exactly like the tropical rainforests these epiphytes are native to, but they were pretty dang happy. I left 2 of them behind with friends when I moved to Tucson last year and brought… Read more