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Plant Pests: Fungus Gnats & Root (Soil) Mealybugs & How To Control Them

If you have plants, it's likely they'll get infested with some kind of pest. This is all about fungus gnats & root mealybugs, aka soil mealybugs, & how to control them without using pesticides.

Plants and pests go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you have the 1st, then the later will make an appearance at some time. I’m more familiar with and have seen these pests infesting houseplants more than plants in the landscape. What I’m talking about here is fungus gnats and root mealybugs (some call… Read more

How To Plant & Care For Aloe Vera Pups (Babies)

Now that you've removed your Aloe pups (babies or offsets), it's time to plant them. Here's how to plant & care for them so they grow to be healthy & happy.

Your happy Aloe vera has produced babies, which you have removed. Now, what’s next? My aloes have produced many baby plants over the years, most of which I’ve given away.  Share the love I say!  Here’s how to plant and care for those sweet Aloe vera pups. Like any succulents which are rooting or developing… Read more

5 Front Porches That Say “Welcome Fall & Please Come In”

Is there a better way to welcome fall than by decorating your front porch? These 5 fall front porch ideas will help you create a gorgeous one for your own.

Written By Lucy Ferreira Fall is in the air and what a better way to welcome the colder days than decorating our front porch. Here are some ideas to get inspired you inspired and say “hi there fall”. Rustic metallic fall porch by Taryn Whiteaker  Are you looking for a cleaner and more modern look?… Read more

The Most Important Thing to Do Before Pruning: Clean And Sharpen Your Pruning Tools

Before you start any big pruning job, you want to clean & sharpen your pruning tools. There are 3 easy steps which you'll see in the video. Plus, you'll find choices for great pruning tools!

Am I the only one who really loves to prune? Fall and spring are the busiest times for pruning.  Now that we’re well into September, I wanted to share this with you. Before you start any kind of big pruning job, there’s 1 very important thing to do. It’s simple but sometimes we need reminding:… Read more

Aloe Vera Propagation: How To Remove Pups (Babies) From the Mother Plant

Do you want more Aloe vera? If yours is happy & healthy you can have more of this amazing plant.This is all about Aloe vera propagation & how to remove pups (babies) from the mother plant.

Aloe vera, besides being a plant with purpose, is a succulent which just keeps on giving. If your plant is healthy and happy, you’ll see babies, or pups, growing off the base of the mother plant. I’ll show you the easiest method of Aloe vera propagation, in my opinion anyway. This is all about removing… Read more