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Repotting My Large Hoya Topiary

Oh my goodness, how I do love Hoyas! They’re such an easy and attractive houseplant to grow and when they flower, even more sweet. I had trained this plant on bamboo hoops 2 years ago and it has since grown like crazy. Time to spring into action and get to repotting my large Hoya topiary. This… Read more

How to Grow Your Own Organic Food Indoors

Written By: Shary Saunders There are a lot of reasons you may want to grow your food indoors. Sometimes it is the winter, or you are a city dweller and wish to keep your family supplied with fresh vegetables all year round. Either way, success in indoor gardening comes down to how properly prepared you are… Read more

Vriesea Plant Care Tips: The Bromeliad With The Flaming Sword Flower

If you want an easy care bromeliad with jazzy animal print foliage and a tall vibrant flower, then look no further. I’m talking about Vriesea splendens, or Flaming Sword, which is the Vriesea most commonly sold in the houseplant trade. The impressive foliage on this one is really the main draw, in my opinion anyway…. Read more

Neoregelia Plant Care Tips: The Bromeliad With The Striking Foliage

Neoregelias, of which there are many species and varieties, are my favorite bromeliads. Why you ask? I love them for their striking foliage which comes in quite the array of colors and patterns. I grew them outdoors in my Santa Barbara garden and seeing these vibrant and interesting plants made me smile every time. This… Read more

Guzmania Plant Care Tips: The Bromeliad With The Vibrant Star Shaped Flower

I’m continuing on with the bromeliad series; and yes, I do love them that much.  So if you’re interested, be sure to check out the Aechmea and the Pink Quill Plant. Today I’m sharing Guzmania plant care tips. This one is popular because of its large, star shaped bloom. And, what sets it aside from… Read more