Mastering Bougainvillea: A Bougainvillea Tutorial To Grow Beautiful, Vibrant Plants

Hello, fellow bougainvillea lover! 

Check out this tutorial package by Nell Foster and the team at Joy Us Garden. This comprehensive digital tutorial provides the knowledge you need to grow and care for stunning bougainvillea plants.

Mastering Bougainvillea: Our Digital Care and Growing Guide

With its vibrant and abundant blooms, bougainvillea captivates the hearts of gardeners and plant enthusiasts worldwide. Its popularity is evident, as bougainvillea-related posts consistently rank among the top on our website. 

Like any plant, bougainvillea has specific requirements and can present challenges. Over the years, we’ve received hundreds of questions about how to grow and care for it. This overwhelming interest inspired Nell to create this digital guide to share her knowledge and experiences.

Bougainvillea is a show-stopper known for its floral displays in a dazzling array of colors, ranging from rich purples and pinks to fiery oranges and whites. These vibrant hues create striking and long-lasting periods of bloom. Whether sprawling across walls and pergolas, climbing up trellises, covering the ground, or growing as shrubs, bougainvillea offers versatility in garden design, adding a tropical flair to any landscape.

Aside from its beauty, bougainvillea is easy to grow. It loves sunny, warm conditions and doesn’t need much water after it’s established. Plus, it attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, adding even more life to your garden. Bougainvillea brings joy to any garden or outdoor space!

In This Digital Package You’ll Find:

This comprehensive package includes 2 videos and 2 PDFs, catering to both visual and reading preferences. If you’re new to growing bougainvillea, I recommend exploring all the materials for the best results.

  1. A 23-minute video covering the basics of bougainvillea care.
  2.  A 4-page PDF listing the 10 Key Bougainvillea Care Points, plus two handy buying tips.
  3. A 1-hour video answering your questions.
  4. A 21-page PDF with answers to those questions and other queries from our blog, which you’ll find helpful.

Examples From This Package

3 Questions & Answers:

1st Common Question: Can bougainvillea be grown in shaded areas?  What are the signs that my bougainvillea needs more sunlight?  

Answer: It can be, but you don’t want to. It’s a plant for the sun. It’ll eventually peter out. A few signs are the plant is reaching toward the light, the stems are leggy, the leaves are paler & smaller, & there is little or no flowering.

2nd Common Question: How can I get them to keep flowering?  

Answer: Bougies need sun & heat to flower. They also go through flowering cycles, not long continuous ones. Mine would put out 3 or 4 big flowering cycles each year & then shed each time. Very important to know: bougies bloom on new growth. Pruning stimulates this.

3rd Common Question: Do bougainvillea plants need support to grow?

Answer: Yes, unless it’s a groundcover or shrub variety. It’s not a twining or clinging vine, so it needs support and an attachment method.

TOPICS COVERED: Hardiness, Growing, Planting, Watering, Issues/Problems, Training/Pruning, Flowering, Fertilizing/Feeding, Growing in Containers, Winter

We have another resource for you to check out:

Growing Bougainvillea Successfully: The Essential Handbook For Care & Vibrant Blooms 

This 21-page ebook is designed to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to grow bougainvillea successfully. It complements this Bougainvillea Tutorial package, offering detailed insights and practical advice that stand alone.

Whether you use this book as a companion to the video series or on its own, it’s packed with useful tips and guidance to help your bougainvillea thrive.

By bringing together all the essential information in one place, we aim to make growing and mastering bougainvillea enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.

We hope this helps demystify bougainvillea plant care and makes you smile!


Happy gardening,

Nell & The Joy Us garden team

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