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Small Tillandsia Xerographica Air Plant

Small Tillandsia Xerographica Air Plant


A popular species of bromeliad, the Tillandsia Xerographica air plant is native to many Latin American countries. They’re hardy, & require a weekly misting or 10-minute soaking.

The Tillandsia Xerographica makes an awesome houseplant.

They’re 4-5″ wide.

Xerographicas, also known as King Tillandsias, is a slow growing variety.  They have thick silver leaves that curl under, which gives them an impressive look. Xerographicas make great centerpieces & stand remarkable all by themselves.

Xerographicas come in all sizes.

The one sold here is small, but you can also shop for larger ones. Whatever works best for you!

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  1. Do these do well in hot weather? Zone 9?

  2. Hi Nina – Air plants can take hot weather, just no direct sun. They’ll do much better in zone 9 south Georgia (humid) than zone 9 Tucson desert where I live. They’re epiphytes so they pull moisture from the air. Nell

  3. Saw a very large air plant growing on a tree in a swamp area of So. West Florida. Beautiful and in flower. I believe we are in Zone 9

  4. Yes, some grow outdoors in southwest Florida & are quite beautiful. Especially when in flower! Nell

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