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Denim Waist Apron With Pockets

Denim Waist Apron With Pockets


Who doesn’t need an apron that is durable, has all the right pockets, and above all, is stylish & comfortable?  The Vita Apron is perfect for gardeners & crafters whether you do it full time or as a weekend warrior. It’s made from SAFE Denim which stands for: Sustainable, American & Friendly to the Environment.  This high quality denim is developed & produced with minimal impact on the environment.  This half apron that ties in the front or the back makes you sizzle with style!

  • Made of 100% 14.5 oz. cotton SAFE Denim.
  • 13″ long.
  • Six deep pockets reinforced with bar tacks.
  • Signature Joy Us ladybug.
  • Made in America.



“My favorite is our Vita Apron which I use in the garden and the kitchen.  It takes me back to my teenage days when I was rocking a miniskirt!”  Nell Foster.  Santa Barbara, California.

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  1. Hi Nell,

    I must have this Vita apron! Please let me know how I can place my order. I love it and it’s adorable. Thanks!

    Marilyn 714-330-2424

  2. Good Morning Marilyn –

    I recognize your name from our Youtube channel! Thanks so much for
    watching the videos.

    The Vita is my favorite. I designed the apron & it’s made 30 minutes south
    of here in Ventura, CA. Also, the very strong denim (14 oz) comes from
    Texas so you can feel good about not supporting sweat shops. I’ve never
    washed my apron so it’s still as stiff as can but it will soften a bit if
    you do.

    I ship them out but we sell them on our website through amazon:


  3. I tried to order the short garden apron and it said it couldn’t deliver to 303 Main St Kismet KS. 67859?

  4. Hi Stephanie – I’ve never had that happen before. We were sold out of those but I found 5 more the other day. The item is back in stock but probably not for long. Nell

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