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String Of Pearls: This Fascinating Beauty Makes A Great Houseplant

  I love, love these succulents!  I grow String Of Pearls in my Santa Barbara garden, but did you know that this fascinating succulent makes a great houseplant?  They’re easy care in the garden as well as in the home.  They do so well as a houseplant because tolerate and thrive in the dry air… Read more

How To Make A Dish Garden Everyone Will Love

  Even if you don’t have a garden outdoors, you can still have one indoors. Dish gardens have been popular for years and make great gifts for homes and offices. They are really very simple to put together and are great projects to do with kids, especially to introduce them to gardening. Here’s how to… Read more

Ask Nell: The Best Way To Feed Roses Organically & Naturally

  Oh my beloved blooms, how I love roses!  This is one plant that does benefit from fertilizing.  The best way to feed roses, in my humble horticultural opinion, is the way that I’ve done it for years.  As you know, I always garden organically and naturally because I feel it’s best for the plants… Read more

7 Things To Think About When Planning A Garden

  After 20 years of professionally designing and maintaining gardens, I have some things to share with you about planning a garden.  Believe me, I’ve made my share of mistakes and have learned so much from trial and error.  Isn’t that the best way after all?  Gardens are our outdoor living rooms so like any… Read more

Citrus Centerpieces Created 2 Ways

  I live surrounded by citrus here in Santa Barbara and eat it almost every day.  I have a meyer lemon tree along with a valencia orange in my backyard.  I buy what I don’t have growing in my garden at our farmers market and recently got inspired to make a citrus centerpiece.  There are… Read more

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