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1 Way To Get More Spider Plant Babies

I love wild and wacky Spider Plants but I love them even more when they produce lots of babies.  I got mine from Santa Ynez Gardens and bought it with me when I moved to Tucson.  It’s hanging outside right near the front door but the grow pot just wasn’t knocking my socks off. It… Read more

Pruning To Rejuvenate My Salvia Greggii

There are many different types, sizes and colors of salvias, both perennial and annual, which are all commonly planted the world over.  Here in Tucson, which is now my world, I inherited a very overgrown and extremely woody Salvia x greggii in my new garden.  I’ve been wanting to clean it up for weeks now… Read more

Flower Bowl Planting 101

Oh my horticultural goodness, I was just about to have my green thumb certificate rebuked if I didn’t spring into action. When I can home from my trip to San Francisco the 2 flower bowls on either side of my gate were deader than doornails. There’s nothing that says “welcome to my home” like 2… Read more

Caring For & Pruning The Oh So Fast Growing Iochroma Cyanea

Oh my tubular floral goodness, Iochroma cynaea grows like a bean stalk and flowers like crazy.  Because of its vigorous growth habit, this subtropical stunner needs a frequent cut back.  Not only does this tall shrub look much better with pruning but it also stimulates flowering as it blooms on new growth.  This is all… Read more

Weekend Musings

I moved!  Yes, I drove from Santa Barbara CA to Tucson AZ over Memorial Day weekend in a relatively small car car packed to the gills with plants, cuttings, pots and 2 kitties.  Oscar yapped the whole way (9 hours, but who’s keeping track?!) but all 3 of us made it here none the worse… Read more