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Weekend Musings

It’s great to get home to my little desert oasis after sending 6 days in the concrete jungle of downtown Los Angeles.  The temps are cooling a bit here in Tucson so I’ve started to do some pruning and clean up. I did a post and video on the plans for my new garden which I’d love… Read more

Houseplant Alert! 3 Reasons You Need The Awesome ZZ Plant

  This houseplant really shines – literally! I love the ZZ Plant because it’s gorgeous, tough and so easy to care for.  Other names it goes by are Zanzibar Gem, Welcome Plant and its tongue twisting botanic name Zamioculcas zamifolia. Mine just got repotted so I’m sharing that project with you along with tips for… Read more

127 Stunning Desert Plants and Succulents

From the colorful Paddle Plant, to the adorable Burro’s Tail, desert plants of all shapes and sizes can be found everywhere these days. Many succulents can be planted just about anywhere, from crafty DIY terrariums to exotic desert gardens. They’re low maintenance, drought-tolerant, and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them… Read more

How To Train A Weeping Pussy Willow To Grow Taller

I had zero experience with growing and maintaining this plant because it’s not often seen in California. Although there were quite a few Pussy Willows growing around the pond on my childhood farm in New England, I didn’t even know there was a weeping variety. My client, who lives just south of San Francisco, had… Read more

2 Cactus Dish Garden Makeovers

My cactus dish garden graced the bistro table on the patio off my shed (aka “the office”) in Santa Barbara and was doing beautifully. I moved to the Arizona desert a couple of months ago and brought quite a few plants and cuttings with me.  The planting in the Talavera bowl found a spot on… Read more