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101 Gardening With Nell Foster

Gardening is my passion & my profession.  It’s good for the soul & good for the body. I picked out some posts I thought all you fellow green thumbers (or wanna be green thumbers!) will enjoy.

A Dracaena Marginata Needs Pruning: How To Do It

If You Love Mojitos, You Need To Grow This Mint

Dracaena Marginata Cuttings Root Easily In Water: Here’s How To Keep Them Healthy

Flower Bowl Planting 101

1 Way To Get More Spider Plant Babies

Check It Out! A Tour Of My New Garden In The Desert 

Caring For & Pruning The Oh So Fast Growing Iochroma Cyanea

Pruning To Rejuvenate My Salvia Greggii

What Everyone Should Know About Growing Rosemary

7 Ways You Can Increase Curb Appeal and Home Sales

Sharing Plans For My New Desert Garden

How To Train A Weeping Pussy Willow To Grow Taller

127 Stunning Desert Plants and Succulents

Add A Touch Of Intrique To Your Garden With Black Flowers

Weeping Pussy Willow Tree Care Tips

10 Reasons Why I Love Gardening

Bird Of Paradise Plant Care

How I Take Cuttings Of My Aeonium Arboreum

Thoughts On Leaving My Beloved Garden

3 Ways To Propagate Sansevierias aka Snake Plants

Shrimp Plant Needs A Good Pruning Every Year

7 Things To Think About When Planning A Garden

My 5 Must Haves For Gardening

The Best Way To Feed Roses Organically & Naturally

How To Prepare and Plant A Flower Bed

See How Easy It Is To Prune Miniature Roses

A Quick And Easy Way To Clean And Sharpen Your Pruners 

How I Feed Camellias With Great Success

A Plant with Purpose: How To Care For Aloe Vera

Pruning & Trimming 3 Different Types of Salvias In Spring or Fall 

Why Is My Bougainvillea Dropping Lots Of Yellow Leaves?

A Plethora Of Roses in Every Color

Best Flowers for Cutting & Displaying in Your Home

Beautiful Cymbidiums For Your Viewing Pleasure

How To Make A Dish Garden Everyone Will Love

Ask Nell: Changing The Color Of Hydrangeas

How To Care For Stephanotis Vine

The Many Ways You Can Use Bougainvillea

Propagating Coleus

Check Out My Front Garden

Taking Cuttings Of Sedum

Hydrangea Pruning Tips

All About The String Of Pearls Plant 

Get Inspired With These Beautiful Gardens

Caring For Bromeliads: What You Need To Know To Grow Them Indoors

An Easy Care & Fun Fern: Myers Or Foxtail Fern

Weeping Pussy Willow Tree Care Tips

Caring For Bromeliads: What You Need To Know To Grow Them Indoors

The Big Winter Pruning & Training Of My Bougainvillea

Pruning & Trimming 3 Different Types of Salvias In Spring or Fall

Tour My Garden With Me

How I Water My Phalaenopsis Orchids

My Recent Haul For The Garden

Houseplant Love: Care Tips For The Fabulous Fiddleleaf Fig

The Quintessential Low Light Floor Plant: The Dracaeana Janet Craig (aka Lisa)

A Gorgeous Plant Deserves a Gorgeous Pot

My Far Out Fern: A Crested Japanese Bird’s Nest Fern


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