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11 Stores Where You Can Buy Indoor Plants Online

Houseplants are growing in popularity, particularly due to some of their benefits. It's never been easier to make your living space feel like home with some indoor plants. Where can you purchase indoor plants online that'll deliver to your doorstep? Here are some of our best places to buy plants online.

Roses We Love for Container Gardening

Anyone and everyone can enjoy roses, no matter what climate you live in. And who wouldn't want a shrub or two in their garden that contains roses? They're bursting with color, foliage, and unforgettable fragrances. In addition to that, roses are easy to care for, especially in pots and containers. So, we've made a list of recommendations of the best roses for container gardening, just for you!

28 Essential Gifts for Cactus Lovers

You may have noticed that around Joy Us Garden, we have a love for all things houseplants, succulents, and cacti. We're happy to say that the majority of our visitors do too!

In this edition of Gardening Gift Guides, we're focusing... Read more

Celebrate Spring the Perfect Way: Right In Your Garden!

The spring equinox is finally here! For many of us, spring represents a season of rebirth. It's the time of year to look forward to festivals, warmer weather, and of course, the growth of new plants. So, here are some ideas that gardeners like you can celebrate spring.

If you're excited about spring just like us, then you need to try some of these Read more

The Best Tips for Growing Your Own Balcony Garden

Balcony gardening is all the rage right now, especially for apartment dwellers living in the big cities. It's really no surprise since many studies point to a variety of benefits that stem from gardening... Read more

How to Garden on a Budget

Around here, Nell and I enjoy gardening - both indoors and outdoors. We know that some of you would love to know how you can garden on a budget, so you can create a home garden of your own!

Last year, we did some research on the latest gardening trends, and we found something interesting. Gardening is becoming more and more popular among the millennial generation! So, I wrote an article... Read more

DIY Poinsettia Decor Ideas for the Holiday Season

Another year, another holiday season! Why not celebrate and decorate your home with one of the most festive plants out there? I don't know about you, but I really enjoy Poinsettias. Their bright red color adds comfort and warmth to any home. This year, I decided to collect a list of DIY Poinsettia Decor Ideas for me and you to enjoy.

Why Choose Poinsettias?

11 Gifts that are Perfect for Your Succulent Obsessed Friends

Flowers are lovely, aren’t they? When you give them away as a gift, either for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just because, they make the other person on the receiving end feel special and cared for. However, there’s just one problem. The beauty of flowers fades quickly!

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The Best Plants That Will Make Your Home Festive For Fall

Another year, another fall season - how we adore you! Did you know that fall is an excellent season to decorate? Think about it: many of our favorite plants include foliage that’s going to start changing to rich, inviting shades. If you’re like us, you may already be thinking about how to make your home festive for fall.

5 Reasons Why I’m Not Surprised Millennials Love Houseplants

When I first started working on the Joy Us garden blog, I’ll admit that I knew close to nothing about houseplants. Sure, I noticed them in the grocery stores and the little shops toting “shop local” as part of their advertising. Little did I know that after working for this blog and moving into an apartment in an urban city, that I would see houseplants and succulents hanging from every other balcony my eyes could see. It didn’t... Read more