Five Favorites: Large Plant Baskets

We’ve picked out our five favorite large plant baskets to suit lots of decor styles, from traditional and coastal, to farmhouse and boho. All the baskets have been handcrafted and made from natural materials.

Functional and stylish, a large plant basket adds a beautiful accent to the green foliage of your plants. As much as we love a terracotta or ceramic pot, the texture you get from a plant basket really enhances a room’s aesthetics. Plus, they’re so much lighter!

A large plant basket with handles can make moving a plant from one space to another a breeze. Especially when it comes to the wintertime and you are in need of moving the plant to a brighter space in your home.

Our Favorite Large Plant Baskets

a tall dracaena lisa in large plant basket from amazon, aglaonema silver bay in background
This is Nell’s Dracaena Lisa in basket #4, the Banana Leaf Large Plant Basket from Amazon.

Natural Hyacinth Noelle Tote Basket | World Market

2 Natural Hyacinth Noelle Tote Baskets in different sizes with handles to buy from World Market

With convenient handles and a chunky texture this gorgeous basket lets you show off your plants in style. Crafted by hand in the Philippines from natural water hyacinth, each piece is tightly woven for added stability.

Click here to see Nell’s large Snake Plant in the extra-large size of this basket. It’s well made and for $80.00, it’s a steal for a large basket!

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Bianca Macrame Seagrass Tote Basket | World Market

A charming Bianca Macrame Seagrass Tote Basket  with handles to buy from World Market

How charming is this seagrass basket? At 16″ x 16″ you can fit one large plant in this basket. Handwoven in Indonesia of natural seagrass with an additional layer of adornment using macrame.

This one really gives off the boho vibes.

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Studio McGee Leather Handle Basket | Target

A large Studio McGee basket with leather handles to buy from Target

This leather handle basket from Studio McGee adds a beautiful accent to your home decor. Woven from natural rattan material with dark brown leather handles for easy carrying.

The warm color of rattan will complement any home decor and enhance the room’s aesthetics.

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Banana Leaf Large Plant Basket | Amazon

Banana Leaf Large Plant Basket with handles to buy from Amazon

Nell has this large plant basket and she loves it. Potted inside the basket is her Dracaena Lisa, the deep green foliage pairs well with the golden color of the basket.

This basket is handmade and woven by artisans using corn leaf, rope, and banana leaf.

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Handwoven Large Basket | CB2

3 Handwoven Banana Leaf Large Baskets with handles in different sizes from CB2

Handwoven banana leaves from Indonesia stripe this large plant basket. Available in 3 sizes, you are sure to find just the right one to pair with your treasured plant.

We hope you have found a large plant basket you love, in case you are still on the hunt, here are 25 Decorative Plant Baskets to choose from.

Happy gardening


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