13 Stores Where You Can Buy Indoor Plants Online

Houseplants are growing in popularity, particularly due to some of their benefits. It’s never been easier to make our living spaces feel like home with some indoor plants. Where can you purchase indoor plants online that’ll deliver to your doorstep? Here are some of our best places to buy new plants online.

Once you buy your beautiful indoor plants, head on over to the Houseplants Category here on Joy Us garden. Nell has you covered, she’s done many posts and videos on houseplant care, repotting, pruning, and propagation.

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Indoor Plants You Can Buy Online


What isn’t this global eCommerce store selling these days? You can search specifically for living plants and houseplants in their home decor section. If you have a Prime membership, you can expect free delivery and free shipping on some of their available plants!

The Sill

The Sill launched as an online store back in 2012. Today, it has multiple physical storefronts and is growing! They have a vast online store full of small plants, large indoor plants, low light plants, and succulents.


If you want to support local gardeners and small, creative businesses, you should check out Etsy. Not only can you buy live plants and houseplants, but you can also purchase handmade products like ceramic pots and plant stands.

Pistils Nursery

Pistils Nursery sells houseplants, planters, and fun accessories like crystals. They ship nationwide in the continental U.S. They also sell books if you’d like to have some resources on hand.

Caladium 'Florida Moonlight' from pistils

Caladium ‘Florida Moonlight’ Bulb, $7.00

Peperomia Prostrata - String Of Turtles, from pistils

Peperomia Prostrata – String Of Turtles, $12


Logee’s is fun because they sell so many tropical plants, a lot of which are unusual. This family run business has lots of useful information on its site to help you choose the right indoor plants for your home. For example, you can find out which hardiness zone you live in by plugging in your zip code. If your looking for exotic plants, look no further!

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This online plant shop includes potted plants and printed instructions. Their store is categorized by plant size, gardening difficulty, light level, air cleaner, and whether or not each specific plant is pet-friendly. If you have questions, you can always ask Plant Mom or check out their blog.

Garden Goods Direct

Garden Goods Direct sells a wide variety of plants, but they also sell houseplants, palms, and tropical plants.

aloe vera from garden goods direct

Aloe Vera, $35.95


Terrain is an online store owned by Anthropologie. They sell a wide assortment of plants and decorative pots to place them in.

spider plant from terrain

Spider Plant, $78.00

ficus tineke from terrain

Ficus Tineke, $94.00


Planterina is well known for her amazing YouTube channel. Now you can buy house plants directly from this plant expert.

Are you looking for your succulents? We’ve got you covered! Classic Terra Cotta Pots, Tabletop Planters, Hanging Planters For Succulents, & Small Pots For Succulents


Most of you have a Walmart nearby, at least in the continental U.S. Some storefronts have a decent selection at their garden centers. Walmart is included on this list because you can order live plants online, and even earn some cashback through Ebates.

boston fern from walmart

Boston Fern, $19.98

peace lily from walmart

Peace Lily, $16.98

Mountain Crest Gardens

This is a great online source for air plants and indoor succulents. You can check out our series on Growing Succulents Indoors for care and growing tips.

House Plant Shop

They will ship directly from their greenhouse to your house! 

pothos n joy from house plant shop

Pothos N Joy, $22.99

neon pothos from house plant shop

Pothos Neon, $21.99


Hirt’s Gardens specializes in hard-to-find perennials, unusual and exotic house plants, and seeds and bulbs from around the world.

Red Valentine Chinese Evergreen, from hirts

Red Valentine Chinese Evergreen, $17.99

Whether you’re looking for easy-care houseplants, pet-friendly plants, plants for office spaces, or low-light plants, we hope this round-up of online plant stores helps you find the perfect plant to add to your plant collection. You can find more about Everything Houseplant on our blog too.

Happy gardening!

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