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28 Essential Gifts for Cactus Lovers

We're back without another set of lovely gardening gifts! This one is your go-to cactus lovers gift guide. Shop to your heart's content!

a collage with a hand holding a cactus necklace a doormat saying looking sharp a cactus cookie rolling pin & a cactus tee shirt the text reads cactus lovers gift guide

You may have noticed that around Joy Us Garden, we have a love for all things houseplants, succulents, and cacti. We’re happy to say that the majority of our visitors do too!

In this edition of Gardening Gift Guides, we’re focusing on art pieces, home decor, and other gifts that cactus lovers will love. So, if you know someone that has admiration for cacti, save this list when it’s time to give a gift.

Most of these gifts were found on Etsy, the home of creative gift-giving, and Amazon, which provides an easy way to purchase online and have gifts sent straight to your home.

Cactus Lovers Gift Guide

1.) Cactus Toothbrush Holder

How adorable is this toothbrush holder? It’ll match the shower curtain listed here as well.

2.) Campfire Mug Cactus

These mugs are authentic and will make you feel like a weekend spent outdoors is completely necessary. That is, if your garden isn’t doing that already!

3.) Wine Glass for Cactus Lover

Imagine giving a cactus-themed wine glass to one of your cactus-loving friends. The first thing they’ll want to do is open a bottle of wine and share a glass with you!

4.) Cactus Tealight Candles

These tealight candle make lovely centerpieces! They’re certainly a vivid plant decoration at any rate.

5.) Cactus Return Address Stamp

If these custom return stamps don’t motivate you to send more postcards, I don’t know what will. They look great and will make sending mail that much easier—and fun!

6.) Cactus Rolling Pin

A perfect gift for friends that enjoy baking too! I’d love to make some sugar cookies with this cactus rolling pin.

7.) Cacti Wall Decor Set

This one is truly a work of art! Cacti images are hand-painted on a block of stained wood. Wouldn’t one of these look lovely hanging over the mantel?

8.) Crew Socks with Cacti Pattern

Socks are great stocking stuff during the holiday season, but who says you can’t give socks away as gifts all year round? This 5-pack comes in a variety of colors. Crew socks are also a guaranteed one size fits all.

9.) Cactus Garden String Art

Have you ever created string art before? It’s a relaxing activity that leads to a fun and unique home decor piece when you’re finished. Or, you can purchase these completed items on Etsy!

10.) Handwoven Looking Sharp Doormat

Doormats are a nice way to welcome family and friends into your home. This particular doormat is a little quirky and clever.

11.) Cactus Plant Keyring

Keyrings are a thoughtful and simple gift to give. Your loved one or friend can easily apply these keyrings to their car keys. That way, they’ll often think of you!

12.) Cactus Ring Holder

Do you have a loved one that collects jewelry? With this ceramic cactus ring holder, you can present them with a gift that covers two of their favorite things: jewelry and cacti. The pink flowers add a nice touch too!

13.) Cactus Tote Bag

Check out the dreamy cactus landscape on this tote bag. It’d be a great item to have if you take lots of trips and vacations!

14.) Colorful Cactus Print

These cactus prints have a massive POP of color that would surely work well in a modern and trendy home. They would certainly gather the attention of anyone who walks through the door!

15.) Sterling Silver Cactus Charm Pendant Necklace

Just like the name suggests, this cactus-shaped necklace is charming! It would make a touching Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day gift.

16.) Cacti Makeup Bag

Makeup bags are useful to have so why not have one with a cute theme? Your friend will feel “pretty fly for a cacti” while their makeup is stored in this bag.

17.) Cactus Pool Float

In the summer months, we’re sure that you’re out by the pool! Relax in the sun with style while remaining afloat with this cactus pool float. It’s the perfect way to work on your tan.

18.) Green Cactus Printed Queen-Size Bed Set

Personally, we admire the shades of green on this bed set. They’re pastel colors and will easily compliment a bedroom with natural light!

19.) Black Desert Shower Curtain

As mentioned above, here is the shower curtain that’ll bring a dessert-themed bathroom to live. According to the product listing, the color won’t fade over time, and the material is easy to wash.

20.) Watercolor Cactus PopSocket

Most people own a smartphone in this day and age, so it’s no surprise that the PopSockets have become popular too. They help you hold your phone in place while you text or work on your phone.

21.) Succulent Cactus Pattern Pillowcase Cushion Cover

We really like how colorful, functional, and comfy these cushion covers look. These will also compliment a modern and trendy home really well.

22.) Wood Cactus Decor

It’s always nice to support small businesses, especially the ones that make creative pieces such as this wood cactus decor. This is just another piece that would really compliment the space on the mantel!

23.) Aztec Cactus T-Shirt

Show off some comfy and modern style with this t-shirt. The fabric looks really cozy, and the colors are so cute!

24.) Cactus Flowers Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Covers

We really like pillowcase covers and had to include another one! There are many different designs included in this order, so you can choose whatever fancies your garden tastes.

25.) Funny Coffee Mug with Cactus

If you have a friend with a great sense of humor, we think they’ll enjoy this mug that states “Don’t be a prick.” Think of it as their morning reminder as they sip on a cup of coffee.

26.) Cactus Magnet Set

Magnets are useful to hang photos, grocery lists, and other items on the fridge. They’re strong and will hold multiple items in place. Plus, with the cacti images, they’re also charming!

27.) Cactus Wall Art

Take a look at this bright pink cactus wall art—it reminds us of a sunset in the Arizona dessert or along the Pacific coast! It’ll bring a lot of positive energy to whatever room it’s placed in.

28.) Cactus Graphic Art Print on Wrapped Canvas

Say hello to this contemporary art piece. We love how inviting the image is!

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