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Aloe Vera 101: A Round Up of Aloe Vera Plant Care Guides

Aloe Vera is one of our favorite plants here at Joy Us garden, and for good reason. These plants are fun to look at and easy to care for. I really like that they grow well both indoors and outdoors. As has become a tradition at Joy Us garden, we're wrapping up the year with a roundup post on our Aloe... Read more

7 Ways to Use Aloe Vera Leaves Plus How to Store Them!

One of the very best perks about growing Aloe vera is those plump leaves full of gel and juice which you get to harvest. I've been growing this medicinal plant for years and love that it not only looks good (especially when planted in a terra cotta pot) but has so many fabulous properties. Today, I'm sharing with you all the details on how I use and store aloe vera leaves.

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Planting Aloe Vera In Containers; Plus The Mix to Use

Aloe vera is a plant I love which I've always grown it in pots, both in the house and in the garden. It's a plant that does great in containers whether in a grow pot or directly planted in. I've repotted it many times.  Here I want to share what I've learned about planting Aloe vera in containers along with the mix I use plus recommendations for you.

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How To Plant & Care For Aloe Vera Pups

Your happy Aloe vera has produced babies, which you have removed. Now, what's next? My aloes have produced many baby plants over the years, most of which I've given away.  Share the love I say!  Here's how to plant and care for those sweet Aloe vera pups.

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Aloe Vera Propagation: How To Remove Pups From the Mother Plant

Aloe vera, besides being a plant with purpose, is a succulent which just keeps on giving. If your plant is healthy and happy, you'll see babies, or pups, growing off the base of the mother plant. I'll show you the easiest method of Aloe vera propagation, in my opinion anyway. This is all about removing those pups so you can have more plants... Read more