Pots and Planters: Choose The One That Fits Your Style

Pots and planters are a great way to dress up your plants and give them a personal touch.  Use them indoors to compliment and accent your decor and outdoors to add character to the garden and keep invasive plants at bay.

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These days you can find all different kinds of containers in a multitude of different forms and shapes and in a variety of materials like concrete, fiberglass, terra cotta, ceramic, metal, plastic, and wood.

I created this post to showcase the many different types of pots and planters all in one place. If you’re hunting for containers, this list might come in handy to help you choose the right ones for your planting situation.

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To urn planters for outdoors with plants inside from Grandin Road.


Urns give a majestic look, they tend to have a more classic and formal style. The most authentic urns are made of concrete or stone. These outdoor planters are crafted of a durable crushed stone and resin composite, with an aged charcoal finish for the look of a fine vintage piece.

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Raised planter with purple plants potted inside from wayfair.

Raised Planter

A raised planter is not the same as a raised bed, which sits on the ground and doesn’t have a bottom. Raised planters are great if you’re tight on space or have physical limitations which prevent you from keeling or bending over. This raised planter is a great option to grow flowers and herbs on your balcony or patio. The fact that it has wheels on one end makes it convenient to move around wherever needed.

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Rail planter attached to gate with a snake plants potted inside from west elm.

Rail Planter

Another good planter for apartment gardeners is the rail planter. This a sleek way to present your plants and makes use of vertical space to save room. It’s perfect for anyone looking to green up small spaces. You can find some that are suited for ornamental plants and others that are made especially to grow veggies. This planter would make a great option for a modern looking apartment.

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An assortment of different size terra cotta pots with a mix of plants potted inside from bloomist.

Planter Pot

These are the classic ones you see everywhere. You can find them in a lot of different materials: terracotta, ceramic, wood, plastic, fiberglass and so on. Planter pots are a staple and a classic in any garden on indoor space. These hand-thrown terra cotta pots are whitewashed to mimic the look of a weathered, rustic patina. They come in various sizes, and have the option of adding matching decorative trays. Pick out a few and use them as flower pots and herb pots.

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A window box planter with plants with an assortment of other pots and plants outside of a house from wayfair.

Window Box

You can find window boxes which attach either on or just below the sill of a window. You can see them filled with flowers, plants or herbs. What I love about window boxes is that it allows the plants to be seen from the inside and from the outside. Everyone gets to enjoy them! I This window box is crafted from steel and has a copper finish. It has drainage holes to prevent overwatering so your plants stay happy. With it’s neutral color it’s sure to go well with your outdoor furniture.

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Are you looking for your succulents? We’ve got you covered! Classic Terra Cotta Pots, Tabletop Planters, Hanging Planters For Succulents, & Small Pots For Succulents

Gold trough table metal planter box with plants inside for outdoors from yard epic.

Trough Table Metal Planter Box 

This is a standout planter with its gold hue and slender support legs. For outdoor use, you can plant a variety of flowers or herbs in this planter. The gold shine will pop against the blooms of your flower petals.

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To macramé hanging planters with plants inside from Amazon.

Hanging Planters

Oh, how I love hanging planters! This macrame planter will add some boho flair to your decor. Thick jute rope is used to secure the decorative pots and can be hung either indoors or outdoors. Available in a 2 or 4-pack.

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Terrarium with a mix of succulents and cacti potted inside from anthropologie.


Terrariums are beautiful but can be tricky. They’re glass containers that can be completely closed or have an opening on one side. These containers create very specific conditions for the plants to grow in. They add a great touch to any indoor space! I like this domed terrarium; it looks great with succulents in it.

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Six wall planters with a mix of plants potted inside from west elm.

Wall Planter

Like its name says- this is a planter that attaches to the wall. Nowadays you can have the most unique design to showcase your plants. It transforms greenery into hanging works of art. Included hardware makes installation easy.

Buy At: West Elm

I hope you found this to be useful and that one of these planters catches your fancy.

Happy gardening,


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This product guide was originally created by Lucy Ferreira & published in May 2017. We’ve updated the products in October 2021 & November 2023 to give you the opportunity to shop for the latest pots & planters!

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