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Small Pots For Succulents

Succulents are well suited for planting in smaller pots. Here is a roundup of small pots for succulents which will make your browsing much easier. Enjoy!

Don’t you just love succulents as much as Nell and I do? Adding them to your decor helps lighten up a forgotten corner of your home and brings in a burst of life. And, if you combine those succulents with the right container, it’s a win-win all the way around. I put together this round-up filled with small pots for succulents to make the shopping easy for you.

Succulents don’t have a large root system and can grow in these small pots for a long period of time. It’s best if the pots have a drain hole because succulents don’t like to have their roots kept constantly wet. If there’s no drain hole, then put at least an inch or 2 layers of pebbles on the bottom of the pot and easy up on the watering.

When choosing the right spot for your succulents be sure to remember that these aren’t low light plants. They like as much natural light as you can give them. If you already have succulents and are looking to propagate them for planting in your new pots, then be sure to check out this post on 2 very easy ways to propagate succulents.

Choosing pots is fun but can be very overwhelming. There are so many styles out there and these are my current favorites. There are still a lot to choose from but at least they’re all in 1 place for your browsing pleasure.

Here are my current favorite small pots for succulents:

1- Special Mix Pack // 2-Hanging Bowl // 3- Terracotta Mini Urn //4- Fusion Earthenware Planter Set//5- Ceramic Cat Planter  // 6 –Geometric Lace Urn


Small Pots For Succulents

1- Custom Made Pots  // 2- Plant Pot With Bamboo Tray// 3- Corck Pot // 4-Owl Pots // 5- Concrete Planters // 6- Carved Wood Set Of 4

Small Pots For Succulents

1- Self Watering Tall Planter // 2- Metal Waves Pot Trio //3-Pure Brass Geometric Planter // 4- Ceramic & Gold Planter // 5- Assorted Trio // 6- Porcelain Faces
Small Pots For Succulents

I hope you enjoyed this roundup and that you found a few favorites to brighten up your home. Your succulents will love you!

Happy gardening,


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  1. I love your posts about succulents and bromeliads! I bought some little guy few days ago (Echeveria) and I exactly thought how pot I will choose for. You have made this for me easier. Thank you. I´m from Czech Republic so our natural conditions are different from yours but your advice is always the best for me. Jana

  2. Thank you so much Jana & greetings from Arizona! I’m glad you enjoyed the small pot round up – we love them all. Nell

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