Tabletop Planters: 12 Pots That Add Flair To Your Home Decor

There are many options for indoor planters, and while I’m on the hunt for new tabletop planters, I want to share some of my favorite ones with you.

For the past few months, I’ve been adding more greenery to my indoor space: Pothos, Monstera deliciosa, String Of Pearls, and a Snake Plant are some of my new roommates. Finding the ideal tabletop planters is harder than I thought.

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I love all of my greenery but have also ended up with the most random collection of ugly grow pots. So, I decided to create this round-up of decorative tabletop planters for houseplants to motivate myself, and hopefully, you, to add a bit of pizazz to your home decor.

A decorative pot is a key factor when displaying your plants – it’s like dressing them up. You also want to make sure the planters play along nicely with your home’s decor.

You want to pay special attention to the size so the grow pot or root ball nestles comfortably inside. If you plan on moving your plants around, consider some of the attractive, lightweight plastic options on the market.

The planters below would fit comfortably and look fabulous on a table, credenza, buffet, or shelf.

This product guide was originally published in September 2017. We’ve updated the products on 09/04/21 & again on 11/6/23 with the latest shopping links!

Decorative Tabletop Planters For Houseplants

Totter planter with succulents planted inside from West elm.

1) Totter Planter

West Elm

This one-of-a-kind planter comes in a variety of color choices. It has some movement to it and can rock from side to side. It is handcrafted from custom-made molds. We love low planters for indoor succulent gardens.


Ceramic oatmeal planter with pothos planted inside from Pottery Barn.

2) Modern Oatmeal Ceramic Planter

Pottery Barn

Take your houseplant style up a notch with these sleek, modern ceramic planters. Designed with a deep saucer to protect your surfaces and create stylish dimensions, the oatmeal finish really lets your foliage pop. 


Face planter with white flowers planted inside from all modern.

3) Ceramic Face Planter

All Modern

Face the facts – you need this planter! Crafted out of high quality ceramic, this unique 7″ planter comes in a simple matte white color and features an artistic abstract face design. This trendy face planter is exactly what you need.


Four ceramic planters terra-cotta pots with plants inside from all modern.

4)  Handmade Ceramic Planters (Set of 4)

All Modern

The stacked pot in terra-cotta shines with its unusual whimsical yet modern silhouette. Show off smaller greenery in an understated style, perfect for bringing life to every home. These are the perfect planters to start your own indoor garden.


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White terra cotta pot from bloomist with houseplant.

5) Hand Thrown Terracotta Pot


Hand-thrown terra cotta pot whitewashed to mimic the look of a weathered, rustic patina. You could pair with a hand-thrown saucer. The patina and size of each handmade planter vary slightly.


Handmade glass planter amber color from all Modern.

6)  Handmade Glass Planter

All Modern

The Amber Pot is made in rich colored glass with a contrasting large white dot for added interest. These tabletop containers can be used as a vase or pot. This handmade piece is as versatile as it is beautiful. 


Goblet terra-cotta pot with succulents inside from bloomist.

7) Goblet Terracotta Pot


These simple terra cotta planters are crafted by skilled artisans. Plant with a mix of succulents, cacti, or kitchen herbs, and place on a sunny windowsill. Available in short and tall; select the size that will work best on your tabletop.


Stoneware planter with saucer from bed bath and beyond.

8)  Modern Brushstroke Stoneware Planter

Bed Bath & Beyond

You’ve got to vibe with your plants. We water them, nurture them, and sometimes we may even play music for them. We picture this little beauty on a window ledge soaking up the vitamin D. Watertight with a handy tray included; this ceramic delight also comes in 2 sizes.


Metal planter with rattan cane outside from world market.

9) Ivory Metal Plant With Rattan Cane

World Market

A vessel worthy of your favorite foliage, crafted with a removable off-white metal planter and a hand-wrapped rattan cane stand. An infusion of mixed-material magic, it makes a stunning stand-alone piece or addition to your current houseplant collection


Mushroom etched design planter from Amazon.

10)  Mushroom Planter


Mushroom planter with whimsical etched design all around. Fun and eclectic, we love this pot. Includes a drainage hole with a stopper. Get one for indoors and another as an outdoor planter.


UFO style planter with plants inside from urban outfitters.

11) UFO Planter

Urban Outfitters

Take your leafy buds on an out-of-this-world adventure with this ceramic planter and saucer set. Features a sleek cylindrical planter with a UFO-shaped drip tray to catch excess water and support bottom-watering.


Two in one planter with yellow polkadots and green color from Amazon.

12)  Adorable Indoor Plant Pots (2 in 1)


An adorable planter that will melt your heart. A must-have addition to your plant family. Get two planters for the price of one, and as a bonus, they both have drainage. One can be used as a succulent planter, or better yet, both can!


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I hope these planters inspire you to give your green friends a new look and home.

Happy indoor gardening!

Signed by Nell Foster

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