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Decorative Tabletop Planters For Houseplants

Looking for some new planters? Be sure to check out this roundup of decorative tabletop planters for houseplants. We love them & hope you do too.

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Written By: Lucy Ferreira

For the past few months, I’ve been adding more greenery to my indoors space: Pothos, Fiddle Leaf Fig, String Of Pearls and Dracaena marginata are some of my new roommates.  I love them all but have also ended up with the most random collection of ugly grow pots. With spring being so close I decided to create this round up of decorative tabletop planters for houseplants to motivate myself, and hopefully you, for the repotting season.

Finding the ideal indoor planter is harder than I thought.  There are lots of options but you need to pay special attention to the material and sizes so the grow pot or root ball nestles comfortably inside. It’s easier to find super small ones that fit succulents rather than a small/medium one that would fit a 6 or 8″ dracaena, also leaving some room for growth.

A decorative pot is a key factor when you want to display your plants – it’s like dressing them up.  You also want to make sure the planters play along nicely with your home’s decor. If you’re going to be moving your plants around, then be sure to consider some of the attractive lightweight plastic options now on the market.

The decorative pots you’ll see here are all on the smaller to medium size and will hold grow pots in the range of 4 – 10″ in diameter.  A few of them come in different size options so you can get matching pots if you’re into that! The planters shown below would fit comfortably and look fabulous on a table, credenza, buffet or shelf.

Decorative Tabletop Planters For Houseplants:

1- Honey Comb Metal Planter  // 2- Zinc Cube Planter // 3- Footed Steel Tub Planter // 4- Hobnail Clay Pot // 5- Fiber Concrete Barrel Pot  // 6- Pawlonia Wood Egg Pot

Decorative Tabletop Planters For Houseplants

1- Cement Planter // 2- Marley Turquoise Ceramic Planter // 3- Hand Painted Bohemian Terra Cota // 4- Knit Green Planter // 5-  Clay Platers with Wooden Base // 5- Rock Planters // 7- Tabletop Planter //8-  Big Dots Clay Pot

Decorative Tabletop Planters For Houseplants

1- Speckled Planter Made To Order //2- Modern White Planter //3- Artichoke Planter // 4- Ceramic White Planter //5-  Crackled Dot Pot // 6-  Ceramic Classic Planter

Decorative Tabletop Planters For Houseplants

I hope these planters inspire you to give your green friends a new look and home for the upcoming warmer months.

Happy indoor gardening!


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