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Check It Out! A Tour Of My New Garden In The Desert

Check out my new garden in the desert. I want to take you on pictorial & video tours before I do any work on it. You'll see how green the Sonoran Desert is!

Tucson desert garden

Hi there and a big welcome.  I’m thrilled to be taking you on a tour of my new garden in the desert, the Sonoran Desert to be more exacting.  I was living in seaside Santa Barbara and decided to shake things up a bit by moving to Tucson.  This is the land of endless skies, bountiful sunshine, a multitude of cacti and lots of wild creatures – oh boy!

Tucson desert garden

Yes, of course I brought the seahorse that was in my California garden with me.  I just love the pop of blue in the back corner – the plumbago really draws your eye back.

I wanted to shoot the video tour before I did any kind of work on the garden.  I don’t plan on doing anything major right now because it’s the end of June and it’s way too hot.  The plants might be survive just fine but I would probably melt away!  I’m going to start with a little light pruning and clean up and go from there.

When I was making the list of priorities for my house hunting adventures, having an outdoor space and a light filled home where at the top.  What I loved about this place is that it has an established landscape that provides a great basis to work from.  The house has a lot of windows so the outside vegetation is almost a part of the interior.  Does that make sense?!   I must say, for being a desert garden, it’s very lush and green.

Tour my new Arizona desert garden

Make my horticultural heart flutter – this Fence Post Cactus really makes a statement.  If that wasn’t enough, right behind it is a pink grapefruit tree which bears deliciously sweet/tart fruit.

Bed in the desert garden

This is the main bed between the kitchen & the entry – quite the tangled mess of Mexican Bush Sage & Santa Barbara Daisy.  It reminds me of my hair 1st thing in the morning!  Out it comes & a new planting is on the agenda for this fall.

Patio in the desert gardenThe patio right off of my living room will definitely get a lot of use.  I plan on putting a seating set out here so I can thoroughly enjoy this lovely space.

Gorgeous raised planter in the desert garden

This raised brick planter sits outside the bedrooms.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to use it for growing food but the verdict isn’t out on this 1 yet.

Another thing I like about this space is that it’s not too big neither is it too small.  It give me enough to “play” in but won’t become a beast of burden.  I was a professional gardener for years and now like to putz in the garden when I want to, not when I have too.  And this garden is a haven for birds, butterflies, lizards and a Common Kingsnake who likes to hang out in the yucca by my front gate.

Of course I miss my old garden in Santa Barbara but I’m excited to work on this 1 and make it my own.  I have plans which I’m formulating for my new desert garden, but that my friend is a whole separate post and video.  I look forward to sharing my garden journey with you and I’m sure it will takes a few twists along the way!

Big hugs from my new garden to yours,

Nell's signature

My Arizona desert gardenThese Saguaros (there’s also a bigger 1 which you can’t see in this pic) grow just outside my walled garden.  I’m happy to have them within sight!

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  1. Hi Nell,
    I wanted to say TY! Reason being after searching my heart out on finding a way to propagate my Rubra Hoya,in water,I found your U TUBE VIDEO. Easy is the word,I guess I could say,but I’ll see…hehe!
    I’m going to go get a cutting and try this and hope I have still part of a green thumb. ? I absolutely love my hoya. ..I so wish I could get others but til then I can play with this one.
    I had gotten mine about 2 yrs ago and it was so big,but the winter we had the same yr and bringing it in,I failed her. Alot of it didn’t make it,so placed her in a small pot and seems like it’s going well. I am in some hope to see it bloom soon but so far no areas have started.
    Anyway,I can’t wait to see more from your move and your great ideas…. TY AGAIN! ?

  2. Hi Chris – I LOVE Hoyas! And, you’re very welcome. They are so easy to propagate in water (just make sure to keep the water up just above that bottom node which will do the rooting) that you should have no problem. The blooms are beautiful & so unique so I hope you get some soon. Nell

  3. After this I am speechless. and it just woww!!.. Its really inspiring. Thanks for posting this.

  4. Hi Lucio – Thank you so much! It is raining in the desert in Arizona right now so all the plants are really perking up. Be sure to check back because I’m going to do ongoing pruning & planting. Best, Nell

  5. Hi Nell, so happy I got to see your fab new garden and home! You are going to have a lot of fun and I know it will look beautiful when you’re done ( are we ever done?!?) Good luck in your new home !
    Colette ( Ventura )

  6. Greetings to you in Ventura Colette & thank you so much! The temps are still hot here so I’m moving a bit slowly on my garden plans. I’ll start with a bit of pruning & go from there. Stay tuned – I’ll do updates on my progress! Hugs, Nell

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  8. WOW!! Your garden is absolutely beautiful!
    I noticed your other posting about Rosemary in California. Have you grown it in AZ? If so how often would you recommend watering it if in full sun?
    I have managed to kill it twice now and am hoping the 3 plants i just planted will make it.
    Thanks for any advice you might have.

  9. Thank you Kate! I love my garden & spend a lot of time on both patios. Yes,I just planted a Rosemary “Hill Hardy” early in May this year. It looked a bit stressed in summer with the crazy heat & strong sun but is doing great now. Here in the desert I watered it every day June, July, & August & Sept. because a lot of my garden is newly planted. Next year I should be able to back off to every other day. Nell

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