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Plants and Sculpture at the San Diego Botanic Garden

Plants and art – two things dearly loved here at Garden Gluttony!   The beautiful San Diego Botanic Garden  is not only home to plants from all over the world, but it also showcases a diversity of sculpture from local artists throughout the gardens.  It’s a great mix of both.  I showed you the Bamboo Grove, our nation’s largest collection, in a previous post and now you will see some of the sculpture as well as plants from the part of the garden the pieces are in.  Let the art walk begin!

“Castle” by James T. Hubell

Cork Tree in the Entrance Garden

“Sentinel of Silence” by M. Luna de Matteis

In the New World Desert Garden

“Light Tower II” by Deanne Sabeck

Striped Blow Pipe Bamboo in the Bamboo Grove

“Afortunada” by Lia Strell

Mexican Pepper Leaf in the Bamboo Grove

“Dali’s Bird of Paradise” by Morris B. Squire

Pink Lemonade Lemon in the Subtropical Fruit Garden

“Dancers” by Morris B. Squire

Dwarf French Plantain in the Subtropical Fruit Garden

“The Winning Yacht” by Elon Eubanks

African Tulip Tree in the African Garden

Hairpin Banksia in the South African Garden

There are many more pieces than these shown above but my little point and shoot gave up the ghost at this garden – a camera gone to digital heaven!    Can you imagine any of these in your garden?   Lucky for you they are all for sale.  Just click here and you can see more and pick out your favorite.

Two big green thumbs up for plants and art!

The Tropical Garden

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  1. These photos are beautiful!

  2. Thank you Joshua – so many things to take photos of at this garden!

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