3 Ways To Attach Succulents To Driftwood To Get Them To Grow

Succulents and driftwood are a match made in heaven, just like peanut butter and bananas or brussel sprouts and balsamic vinegar.  Okay, you may not agree with me at all about the last one but the other 2 are hard to dispute.  The majority of succulents growing in nature are not found growing on the beach, but for whatever reason, this pairing works really well.  This video is all about showing you 3 ways, other than planting, to attach succulents to driftwood to actually get them to grow and last for more than just a few weeks.

succulents & driftwood

An assortment of driftwood I recently found on the beaches of Santa Barbara.

Some succulent cuttings are much longer lasting than others but they all need something to root into to keep them looking fresh for the long haul.  Succulents will hot glue directly onto the driftwood but if you use something coarser to attach to, like moss or sheet coir, they’ll adhere much better and be easier to water.

Watch this & see how I do it:

The materials I talk about & use in the video:

Spanish Moss

Sheet Moss

Sheet Coco Coir (I buy this by the yard at our local Ace Hardware)

Hot Glue (this is my preferred method of attaching by the way)

E6000 Quick Dry

Fishing Line

Floral Wire

Grapevine Wire


Here you see driftwood, Spanish moss, preserved sheet moss. a sheet of coco coir, & grapevine wire.

You may not have a beach nearby you but no frets because driftwood is available online.  Or, any kind of interesting wood will do.  I often use palm debris (I’m not sure what else to call it!) for creating art with succulents and air plants.  It’s free, tough and interesting.  Be sure to keep your eyes open when you out for a walk – you’ll be surprised at what Mother Nature presents you with.

Happy Creating,

Signed by Nell Foster


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  1. Thanks, I should’ve watched this one first…you answered my questions. Thanks for all the information!!!


  2. Hi Terry – You’re very welcome! I jut want to add that some succulents are long lasting when not growing in soil that others. Although succulents like to be dry, a misting every week is what they need when growing in moss, coir, etc. Nell

  3. I’m interested in planting in some beach driftwood but I’m concerned about the salt content. What would you recommend would be adequate to remove the salt safe enough for plants?

  4. Hi Maggie – I just hose my driftwood off with fresh water. If you’re concerned, you can soak it in fresh water for a couple of days (changing it each day) & then let it dry in the sun for 24-48 hours. Or, you can soak it in a non-toxic bleach solution for 24 hours. Rinse it off well & let it dry in the sun. Just know that this might slightly change the color of your driftwood. Nell

  5. You say that using hot glue is your favorite way to attach plants but wouldn’t it hurt growing plants?

  6. Hi Patti – I like using hot glue because it adheres so fast. As I said, I only use a small dab & let it cool a bit because attaching the plants. I’ve had no damage at all & have used it with just succulent leaves too. Nell

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