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More Succulent Cuttings For You!

Pencil cactus cuttings

It’s time to do a little thinning out which means I have more succulent cuttings to sell: direct from my organic garden to you.

Oh goodness gracious, my Pencil Cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli) is getting so dense that I can’t see through it anymore.  I love this plant but it’s time to get out the trusty, well seasoned Felcos and have at it.  I’ll be moving from Santa Barbara next year and won’t be taking the ginormous estate pot which holds this delightful 8′, multi-stemmed succulent – it’s just too big to take in a moving van not to mention the fact that the movers can’t take it over the Arizona state line.  Not to worry because I’ll be taking a big ole cutting of Pencil Cactus to my new home.  In the meantime, thinning needs to be done so on to it!


You can see how crazy dense my Pencil Cactus is – egads! 

Pencil cactus in a small potThe Pencil Cactus in this pot was once a baby cutting from the plant shown above in my back yard.  It’s grown quite a bit & is getting a beautiful branching structure.

And then there’s my crazy, wacky Narrow Leaf Chalksticks (Senecio cylindricus) which really needs a round of  reining in every now and then.  I bought it as a 4″ plant and now it’s the size of a small shrub. In my front yard, this succulent has grown to 2-3′ tall by 6′ wide and the time has come to contain it once again.

Narrow Leaf Chalksticks

This Narrow Leaf Chalksticks is growing up through my Rosemary.  The rosemary is another story – it’s 7′ tall by 9′ wide!

Blooming Narrowleaf

It’s coming into flower right now & even though the tiny white blooms are fairly insignificant, they’re nice to see.

I’ve done a short video for you on how to plant those cuttings:

Happy gardening,

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Moving time has come! We are not selling these cuttings anymore…

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  1. Have a huge ponytail 7 feet tall cactus pot bound
    Can I cut the bulb in half will it heal into
    Two plants ? Too heavy to manage I am in zone 6

    Comes into sunny indoor area in winter
    Also pencil cactus in pot not thriving too well
    Rather leggy can u advise both are in a plastic pot
    With outer pot resin decorative thanks Reena

  2. Hi Reena – I’ve never heard of anyone cutting a Ponytail Palm bulb in half so I can’t answer yes or no to that. I have cut the top off of 1 to get new sprouts & also have removed pups. You might consider cutting the top off of the PP to make it more manageable. The Pencil Cactus could be leggy due to lack of light. You can take a good sized cutting or 2, let them heal & just replant it a couple of months into a smaller pot if you’d like. Watch out for the sap though because it’s irritating to some: I have a Pencil Cactus care post & video coming out today so stay tuned for that. Hope that helps, Nell

  3. I live in Georgia: got humid summers, cold wet winters with rare snows. Watched your video on rooting pencil cactus & I was amazed how easy it is. I hope my cutting takes hold.

  4. Hi Valerie – Pencil Cactus are easy to root. Just make sure you heal them off for 1-4 weeks 1st. And, propagate them them in succulent & cactus mix. Nell

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