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2 Succulent & Driftwood Arrangements; 1 Tabletop, 1 Hanging

Here are 2 DIY succulent & driftwood arrangements - 1 for the table & 1 to hang. See the step by steps plus the materials you need to make these designs.

crafting with driftwood succulents airplants


You know how I love my succulents, but you may not know that I love my beach walks.  I live a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean and like most people, find tranquility and beauty in that big, ole vast body of water.  We don’t have a huge amount of driftwood on our Santa Barbara beaches but the winter winds and storms do blow a bit in.  And that my friends is what inspired me to make these succulent and driftwood arrangements.  I mixed it up a bit so you’ll see 1 that’s a tabletop piece and 1 that hangs on the wall.

Succulent driftwood arrangements

I added a few smaller pieces of driftwood to the large piece & glued them on the top.  The succulents tuck into them beautifully & they add interest to the centerpiece.

Arranging succulents in driftwood

I ran out to my back yard & clipped a few pieces of Delosperma (a miniature yellow ice plant) for a bit of trailing action.

I’ve already done a post and video on attaching succulents to driftwood so I have you covered there.  Once the foundation is done, it’s on to the fun and creative part – attaching the succulents and creating your living masterpiece.  I decided to do 1 as a wall hanging because it’s lightweight and the shape said “hang me please”!

You can see the step by steps of me creating these 2 succulent arrangements:

Air Plants and driftwood go hand in hand for designing too.  I made this large succulent, air plant and driftwood  piece a couple of years ago which can either hang or be used as a table piece.  If edibles are your thing, then this centerpiece with farmers market produce, succulents, air plants and flowers might tickle your fancy.  Isn’t it fascinating that ya never know what’s going to wash in from the sea!

Happy creating,

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Completed driftwood succulent arrangement

Love this sitting on the bistro table on the patio right outside my office.


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  1. I really enjoyed watching you make this…how long will the succulents live in this? Will they continue to grow?

    Thanks, Terry

  2. Hi Terry – You may have seen my answer on the other post. It depends on the type of succulent but they should look good for at least a few months. Nell

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