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Decorating My Terra Cotta Pot

ponytail palm

This post comes hot on the heels of the last one about repotting and top dressing my Ponytail Palm.  There’s a pottery and garden ornament center I like to stop at when driving from the San Francisco Bay Area home to Santa Barbara because it has a 50% off section in the back where I always find a new treasure.  As you can see from the picture to the left, this pot had lots of marks all over (character I call it!) which didn’t bother me at all because I planned to decorate it.  I’ve done quite a few pot decorating and painting projects which were more involved but this one was simple – here are the easy steps.

Decorating My Terra Cotta Pot

  *  I mixed some of my house trim paint with glaze to add some sheen.  I used this on the top and bottom braiding only.

Decorating My Terra Cotta Pot

 *  I started to paint and realized that I needed to tape because of the roughness and uneven texture of the pot.  It’s not a perfect line but that doesn’t matter at all to me.

Decorating My Terra Cotta Pot

  *  I put on 2 coats of paint for a nice deep color.

Decorating My Terra Cotta Pot

 *  These are the same shells that I used for my wind chimes.  I decided they would look good on the pot too and glued them on with E6000.  You also see the top dressing options – I chose the turquoise stone.


  The finished product with the happily repotted Ponytail Palm.  These plants have lots of interest and now the the pot has some too – the top dressing is the icing on the cake!


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  4. I have been trying to find somewhere nearby with cheap blank pots for me to decorate as you have but haven’t had any luck. Do you know of anywhere online that is worth considering?

  5. I buy all my pots at garden centers but I know that Arizona Pottery has a great online selection. Of course there’s always Amazon too.

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