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3 Small, Easy DIY Succulent, Air Plant & Driftwood Arrangements

You can make these easy DIY arrangements with just a few succulent cuttings, small pieces of driftwood & a little bit of time.

crafting with driftwood succulents airplants


If you only have a few succulent cuttings, a few small pieces of driftwood and a little bit of time, then let me please inspire you with a few ideas of how you can put them together to create something beauteous.  You’ll see that I used in air plants in 2 of the designs because they combine really well with succulents.  These easy DIY arrangements would be great to give as gifts – coming straight from nature and made with heart.

succulent air plant driftwood arrangements

Here you see some of the succulent cuttings plucked from my garden & the air plant I used.

I live very close to the beach and love to collect whatever I can find to use in my garden or for crafting.  I’ve gathered a variety of shells which I use as an interesting ground cover.  Larger pieces of driftwood are garden art in my back yard – I love how they look with succulents and rock.  The smaller pieces get used for crafting and that’s what you see here.  Plus, they’re so much easier to drag home than the gargantuan pieces!

It’s best to watch the video so you can see me making each piece:

succulent air plant driftwood arrangements

This piece of driftwood is so rustically appealing.  It had a natural indent that the succulents tucked into beautifully – mother nature is quite the woodworker!

succulent air plant driftwood arrangements

This piece of dried kelp is small & the air plant slipped right into 1 of the lacy holes. No need for hot glue with that.  I did glue in the Burro’s Tail Sedum pieces though.

For these 3 succulent, driftwood and air plant pieces I used Spanish and sheet mosses .  You can see how I attach succulents to driftwood so that they grow in this post and video.  These simple arrangements are great projects to do with kids but just be sure you use cool met glue or E6000 Quick Dry instead of hot glue.  We don’t want any little burned fingers!

I hope this has inspired you to make a few quick pieces of living art.

Happy Creating,

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All 3 of these pieces could hang on the wall as well as adorn a table.


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  1. I love your site, it’s more personal than the commercial sites. And your instructions are easy to follow. I used to live in California and now in Florida and am having trouble changing over to the humidity for my plants, this is like another country. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Sharon – Thank you so much! It’s nice to hear that because I’ve been gardening a very long time & love sharing what I’ve learned. However, nothing with gardening is a guarantee as you’ve probably learned! I grew up in New England with a lot of humidity but the temps were cold. Florida has wonderful plants (so lush!) but the succulents & cacti which prefer it drier would have a hard time. When I moved to California, I had to learn all new plants but it was fun. I’m sure you’ll discover some horticultural gems in no time! All the best, Nell

  3. Hi Nell,
    I just discovered your site today, and it is awesome!!!! I am an avid lover of Air Plants, Succulents and all other plants. I am just starting to replace a lot of plants that I lost due to a small, small fire I had at my home (contained to one room Thank Heaven!). Most of damage was from believe it or not, the fireman’s hose! All’s Well now. In any case, I will be following your site! You have a lot of great ideas and interesting insight! Thank you for sharing all that you’ve learned and are still learning I’m sure, as I am adding/enhancing my knowledge as well. I have a small enclosed porch, however, it is good enough to call “My Happy Place”. Definitely getting another Donkey’s Tail —Your’s are absolutely beautiful! Once I finish replacing my plants, I would love to sent you a pic of it. Its going to take a little time though.

  4. Hi Kelly – I’m glad you & most of your home escaped the fire! So happy you found our site too. I’ll be repotting my Burro’s Tail, along with my 3-headed Ponytail Palm, this weekend so stay tuned for those videos & posts. My patios are my happy places too – full of plants. Yes, send a pic. Happy gardening! Nell

  5. I love this site. I live in Florida. Want to know how to care for/water airplanes once attached to driftwood. I don’t know if that may be an obvious question. I live in St Pete area and going to seek out large driftwood for bedroom arrangement.

  6. Hi Richard – Glad you found us. The best way to water air plants attached to driftwood is to spray them. You live in FL with high humidity but you loose some of that with heating & air conditioning (unless you have swap cooling). You’ll need to mist them once a week, maybe 2 depending on how dry it is inside your home. Keep them in bright, natural light but out of any direct sun. Nell

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