Hanging Air Plants: 10 Easy Ways To Hang Your Tillandsias

If you have air plants, then why not display and show them off. There are many ways to do it and I want to share with you my favorites. When it comes to hanging air plants, here are 10 easy ways to do it. I’m sure you’ll find at least 1 or 2 that you love!

I must admit, keeping air plants alive and looking good here in the Sonoran Desert is a challenge. After growing them in Tucson for over a year, I’ve discovered with species and varieties do best in this extremely dry climate. I’ve kept them alive and now I want to let them strut their stuff.

These ideas for hanging air plants aren’t DIYs, but there may be a step or 2 involved. Some don’t come with hangers so you have to make your own.

I give you a few methods for hanging and attaching right below.

Materials to Hang and Attach

  • Fishing line
  • Wire
  • Jute twine or string
  • Ribbon
  • Glue

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Ideas for Hanging Air Plants

a large air plant hangs from a hanging plants shelf

Wire Plant Hanger

This is an economical way to hang large air plants. These wire hangers are sold in the nursery trade to hang plastic pots. They come in different lengths & you simply crimp the wires at the bottom to hold the plant.

I spray painted 1 of mine white (the 1 you see above) to have it blend into the walls. You could choose any color to complement your decor.

a hand holds a small air plant which hangs with gold bendable craft wire

Aluminum Craft Wire

This bendable craft wire comes in different diameters & different colors. You simply wrap it around the air plant, create a hook, & hang. You can save it & reuse it if you’d like.

a large air plant sits in a hanging terra cotta plant cradle

Air Plant Cradle

These come in different materials, mainly tera cotta & ceramic from what I’ve seen. They have a hole in the center of the cradle which helps hold the plant in place.

This is my terra cotta cradle & here’s a white ceramic cradle.

3 air plants are displayed in a wall macrame plant hanger

Macrame Wall Hanger

This is an easy way to hang your air plants on the wall. You can find them with in various designs and lengths. I bought mine at a nursery in San Diego but here’s a similar macrame hanger.

an air plant is displayed on top of a hanging moss ball

Moss Ball

This gives you a kokedama vibe which is still very popular. The 1 above is artificial. I wrapped fishing line around the moss ball as a hanger.  To permanently attach the air plant to the ball, use a dab or 2 of glue. 

an air plant is displayed inside a hanging wooden orchid basket with moss & a piece of pyrite

Vanda Orchid Basket

These wooden baskets are available in different sizes. Fill them with moss & add an air plant of 2. I used shells as embellishment when I lived close to the ocean in Santa Barbara & a chunk of pyrite here in the desert.

an air plant is displayed on top of a piece of cholla wood

Wood, Branch or Driftwood

This is a very popular way to display air plants where hanging or sitting on a table. I used cholla wood because I collect it on my walks but you can buy it online. All the holes make interesting & so easy to hang.

Driftwood, branches & cork bark are great options too.

an air plant is displayed inside a gold geometric hanger

Geometric Plant Hangers

This geometric hanger is the most “glam” option of all. Just add a little moss, an air plant or 2, & you’re ready to display. I’m going to hang 1 off the other for a double-decker effect.

The ones I ordered come in gold but they could easily be painted.

small air plants are displayed on a grapevine wreath

Grapevine Wreath

I’ve used this grapevine wreath for multiple projects. Simply glue (the easiest way to attach), wire or fishing line the air plants on to the wreath in whatever design suits your fancy.

You can cover the wreath form, cluster a few or even display just 1. I used a sheer ribbon to hang mine. These grapevine wreath forms come in many sizes & shapes (heart, square, oval, etc) so you really have a lot to choose from.

If you hang this from the ceiling or shelf instead of on a wall or a door, you could get fancy & make it 2-sided.

a variety of air plants are displayed on a wooden frame

Wooden Air Plant Frame

These wooden frames come in different sizes too. This is what I’m displaying most of my smaller air plants on. Because most of them don’t have stems to weave through the wire grid, I used fishing line to attach them.

I pretty much covered the wire with air plant but you could arrange them more spatially & use a bit of moss for decoration. Mine currently rests against the wall in my kitchen.

When it comes time for watering, it’s easy. All I need to do is spray or soak the plants frame & all in a shallow tub.

I have an air plant page in my Amazon shop. Be sure & check it out below!

Can you glue air plants?

Yes, you can. I use hot glue because I always have it on hand for my crafting projects. Before adhering, I let the glue almost completely cool so it doesn’t burn the air plant.

E6000 is an adhesive that is widely used for this purpose. Whatever glue you use, just make sure it’s water-resistant.

Do air plants need sunlight?

Air plants grow under the cover of other plants in their native environments. They like bright light but will burn in direct hot sun.

So no, they don’t need direct sunlight but will do best in bright natural light.

Are air plants easy to care for?

Technically yes but in reality, the answer can be no. I now live in the desert so it’s much more challenging to care for them than when I lived 7 blocks from the ocean in Santa Barbara.

This post about air plant care in a dry climate (which could be your home) will help you out. I’ve found that air plant choice is key along with a weekly soaking & 2 or 3 mistings.

How do you take care of a hanging air plant?

You can mist in place or take it down for a soaking.

I soak all my air plants once a week – the larger ones for 2-4 hours & the smaller ones for 1/2 an hour. I spray them with a mister twice a week.

There are so many creative ways of hanging air plants and I hope this gets you started. Why not turn yours into a living work of art!

Happy gardening,

Signed by Nell Foster

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  1. Great ideas for air plants. I bought one air plant 3 years ago just to see what it is like to raise one. I live in the high desert of Mojave and believe it or not, my air plant is still alive.
    I do spray it twice a week but have never soaked it. It hangs from a chain light switch in the kitchen which has three windows that provides the needed light. Again, thank you for the great ideas.

  2. Thank you Raymond. I believe it. I live in Tucson & all but 3 of mine are still alive. Yes, they do best in bright light so you must have it in the right spot. Nell

  3. Bough a few air plants some are in those glass gloves can you soak the whole thing also have a few not glued just sitting in a shell of other objects also where do you the airplane with fishing string right now I have just been misting them I live in so love your site please email me thanks I am subs ribed

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