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Ideas and Tips To Make Your Christmas Merry and Bright

The Holidays are upon us once again (where did this year go?!) and it’s time to add a little sparkle and festivity to our lives.  I was a professional Christmas Decorator in the Bay Area for years and have a few pointers for you as you get ready to deck the halls.  Plus, I’ll show you some pictures of a job I just did featuring Santa, his trusty reindeer, penquins in their holiday best, nutcrackers and a nativity scene adorned with fallen palm flowers and fronds.

First, here are a few “tools and necessities” to facilitate your creative endeavors.

Christmas Decor Ideas and TipsHammer(s), green wire, pruners, nails and tacks, wire cutters and gloves. If you fancy this groovy LadyBug Tool Pouch you can get it here.

Christmas Decor Ideas and TipsZip ties (14″ ones very useful but not shown here), covered wire, fishing line, plug adapter.

Christmas Decor Ideas and TipsNew to us this year – we loved these for attaching garland to rails. They make a great base for attaching lights, cones and other christmas ornaments.

Not shown:  interior and exterior extension cords (you’ll need them in a variety of lengths), outlet boxes, timers, electrical tape (to tape connections in damp climates), ladders (you might need different heights).

And, for your viewing pleasure, here are pictures of the job we just did. By the way, I didn’t do this all by my little self – many thanks to Susie and Mike who have hopefully recovered by now. The job takes about a week to complete with 3 people full time! If you are doing your decor all alone plan accordingly or get your friends and family to help, it can be fun to do it all together.

As 25th approaches, this quote always comes to mind:  “Santa is very jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live.”  –  Dennis Miller

Be sure to check out our JoyUsGarden facebook page for more tips and ideas to make your Holidays shine.

Happy Decorating!

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