Displaying Air Plants: Air Plant Gifts

Air plant lovers unite!  Or, are you looking for air plant gifts? Displaying air plants is part of the fun of growing them and we have you covered here with lots of air plant decor ideas.

While Tillandsia is their botanical first name, they’re commonly called air plants because they don’t grow in soil. Because of this, they’re very versatile when it comes to displaying and decor ideas. They’re perfect for apartment dwellers, design aficionados, beginning gardeners, and busy plant lovers with little time to water.

No matter if you’ve been a tillandsia lover for a while or you are just starting your collection of air plants you’ll be sure to find something of use from our round-up of products. We hope you find these air plant display ideas as fun and artistic as we do!

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Hanging Air Plant Dispays

six spherical hanging planters from terrain

Buy at: Terrain – $38.00

These solid steel hanging baskets are designed with an extra-deep planting area perfect for placing your air plant right inside. You can line with moss and hang together for a tillandsia display. What a beautiful way of displaying air plants!

air plants hanging from macrame planters to buy at etsy

Buy at: Etsy – $11.99

Create a dreamy floating garden with this handmade macrame plant hanger! An easy way to display air plants, they’re good for indoor and outdoor. Ready to hang in your home or on your porch, you can also hang it against a wall as macrame wall hanging.

Three Tier Baskets

three-tiered hanging rattan basket from urban outfitters

Buy At: Urban Outfitters – $39.00

This three-tiered basket is an out-of-the-box way to display multiple-sized air plants. Hang it in a sunny spot in your house and be in style while doing it.

three-tiered black wire basket from macy's

Buy At: Macys – $62.99

This three-tier decorative wire stand has 3 large graduating baskets. While it’s not the most common way to display air plants adding some moss to the tiers can instantly turn this stand into a super cute display.

Wood Plant Displays

Southwest-inspired hanging plant wood display for hanging air plants from etsy

Buy at: Etsy – $40.00

Southwest-inspired wood display, handcrafted using various salvaged wood pieces. A one of a kind design, this creation will add a modern look to your decor.

desk sized wood stand with plant to buy at etsy

Buy at: Etsy – $45.00

This wood stand would be perfect for your desk! The picture is shown without stain, pick the stain color you prefer at checkout.

Air Plant Cradles

hanging clay air plant cradle with tillandsia sitting on it to buy at etsy

Buy at: Etsy – $28.00

This cradle is developed to showcase each air plant’s individual beauty. These air plant hangers are the ideal balance between sculpture and functionality.

double buff clay hanging air plant cradle to buy at etsy

Buy at: Etsy – $76.00

Each cradle is completely handcrafted out of gorgeous buff earthenware clay. There is a hole in the center of each cradle for securing your air plant if it has a bulb.


four glass globe terrariums on metal bases to buy at west elm

Buy at: West Elm – $20.00

Round out your indoor garden with the modern shape of this terrarium. The simple globe container and metal base provide the perfect home for your tilly.

simple geometric glass terrarium to buy at etsy

Buy at: Etsy – $30.00

This simple geometric terrarium can be a home for your air plants and makes a great gift as well.

Wall Mounted Planter

decorative triangular geometric planters with succulents inside to buy at etsy

Buy at: Etsy – $19.98

These decorative triangular geometric planters are designed to add beauty to your home or office. Perfect for hanging air plants.

fun multi-colored clay hanging planter to buy at etsy

Buy at: Amazon – $35.99

Made of high-quality clay, this hanging planter is super fun. These can be placed in a bright space for your air plants. What fun air plant holders these are!

Wood Frame Display

rustic cedar wood shadow box with 5 air plants for displaying air plants to bu at etsy

Buy at: Etsy – $18.00

Beautiful rustic cedar wood shadow box, featuring a durable, yet flexible, wire that is weaved tightly through the frame so you can organize and display the plants as you wish.

square wooden hanging planter with 3 hanging white ceramic vessels inside to buy at etsy

Buy at: Etsy – $43.00

This versatile framed hanging planter makes a great addition to any room. Set it up by the window or hang it on the wall.

Plant Misters

8 oz spray bottle that reads plant care is self care to buy at etsy

Buy at: The Sill – $15.00

This 8-ounce mister has the most fitting message for plant lovers like me; the spray bottle says “Plant Care is Self Care.” Your air plants will be grateful for regular misting, especially if your house is dry.

white rechargeable mossify mistr plant mister pointed at leafy plant to buy at bloomscape

Buy at: Bloomscape – $45.00

Increase humidity for your plants using the Mossify Mistr, a fully rechargeable and continuous mister. With a capacity of 750ml, this mister is not only sleek and stylish but also increases moisture levels without overwatering.

My Favorite Tillandsias

6 assorted small air plants to buy at the sill

Buy at: The Sill – $30.00

This set of six assorted Air Plants thrives without potting soil. Assortment includes a variety of six tillandsias, ranging 2 inches to 4 inches in size. They prefer bright, indirect light and weekly soakings.

a 5-6" xerographica air plant to buy from garden in the city on amazon

Buy at: Amazon – $13.99

These Xerographica Tillandsias by Garden in the City are greenhouse-grown in California. They are approximately 5-6″ inches wide. Xerographica is unlike other tilllandsias – they require more light and less water. This is 1 of Nell’s favorite air plants!

At Joy Us garden, we have a soft spot for air plants. Nell has grown these low-maintenance plants for years and has done quite a few posts and videos on these fascinating beauties. From the care of air plants to ideas on how to craft with them, she’s written about it.

We hope you’ve found these ways of displaying air plants to be helpful!

Happy gardening,


Note: This post was originally published on November 7, 2016. We’ve updated the products on December 11, 2021, to give you the opportunity to shop for home decor!

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