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Yearly Archives: 2017

Bromeliads 101: A Round Up Of Our Care Posts

Oh, you know how much I love bromeliads - yes I do. What's not to love? They're easy-care, give off that groovy tropical vibe, come in vibrant colors and most have fabulous foliage. I always have at least 1 in my house and grew lots of them in my Santa Barbara garden. This is why, for the final post of this year, that we decided... Read more

Propagating My String Of Bananas Plant Is Fast & Easy

It was time to get on with the propagating of my String Of Bananas plant and do some filling in.

I pruned off a couple of trails, both about 6-8" long, to propagate and then plant back in the pot. Planting the cuttings in straight succulent and cactus mix 1st in order to root them is what I wanted to do rather than plant them directly... Read more

Ideas For Displaying Succulents On Driftwood

Succulents and driftwood are a winning combo, just like peanut butter and jelly. You can find driftwood in a myriad of odd shapes and sizes, add succulents to it and you'll get a stunning and fun piece of living art.  When I was living in Santa Barbara, I collected shells and rocks from the beach to use as ground cover in my garden.

Then,... Read more

Shimmery, Glittery Silver Pine Cone DIY

Do you want your holiday season to shine, shine, shine?  Christmas decorations warm the cockles of  my heart and put a big ole smile on my face. Because you're reading this, the same must be true for you. This silver pine cone DIY will make all your decor shimmer and sparkle.Silver really picks up and reflects light. It combines beautifully with white, jewel... Read more

Gold Gilded Pine Cones Glittered 4 Ways

The holiday season has come rushing in like Santa and his team of reindeer sending us galloping off to the craft store and back to our work tables. It's time to get our Christmas decorating groove on! I've used pine cones for decorating ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Gold gilded pine cones are so versatile - especially if they're dusted with 4 different... Read more

A Snowy, Glittery Pine Cone DIY In 3 Easy Steps

I grew up in New England, where as a kid, the thought of snow for Christmas made me downright giddy. I'd trek through the woods for hours with all or any of our 5 dogs to gather things to create with and come home to a warm fireplace. I now live in the Arizona desert where the holidays mean sunshine and blue skies. I still use a lot of elements from nature when I decorate for Christmas and want to show you a snowy, glittery pine cone DIY in 3 easy steps.I... Read more

How to Make a Holiday Wreath Using Plants in Your Yard

Written By: Emily FolkThe fall season brings the beautiful fiery colors of red, gold and brown. As fall turns to winter, decorations incorporate reds, greens, blues, silvers, and whites.However, the purchase of plastic decorations and their reuse every year gets old. Besides, you have a garden of inspiration waiting for you in your yard to create an original and attractive holiday wreath.

Here are some ways to use it:

1.... Read more

How to Grow Christmas Cactus: A Long Lasting Succulent Houseplant

Do you want a really cool blooming plant for the holiday season? Well look no further. Christmas Cactus, aka Holiday Cactus, is the one for you. Here's how to grow Christmas Cactus during it's blooming period and after. It's a long lasting houseplant which I happen to find very attractive.First off, let's get a bit technical for those of you who geek out on all things plant like me. My scarlet Christmas Cactus that you see here and in the video is actually... Read more

A Popular Succulent Houseplant: Caring For Flowering Kalanchoes

If you want a succulent houseplant that blooms, well then, let me introduce you to the Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. Perhaps you've seen one but never brought it home. I want to encourage you to do that because they're easy to grow and are in bloom for quite a long time. Caring for flowering kalanchoes is no trouble at all but there are a few things you need to know.This popular flowering succulent houseplant, usually called kalanchoe, florist kalanchoe or flaming... Read more

A Touch Of Elegance: White Blooming Plants For Christmas

The holidays call for decorations to fill us with cheer and festivity during this season. Is there a better way to add beauty to your home other than with flowers?  We think not! There are lots of flowering plants in all colors which are available during the holidays. Today we'll focus on white blooming plants for Christmas for those of you who like decorating in a more elegant way.Read more