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Christmas Cactus Care Tips (Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!)

This is a favorite flowering houseplant for this season. Watch the video to get Christmas Cactus care tips on this festive plant while in bloom. Plus, Happy Holidays!

How To Get Your Christmas Cactus To Flower Again

Christmas Cactus, an old holiday favorite, is such an easy-care houseplant.

Hi Everyone,

No matter what holiday you celebrate at this time of year, may it be merry and bright.  This is to let you know that we really appreciate you reading this blog, visiting our website, following us on social media and watching our videos. Thank you thank you thank you!

Blooming Christmas cactus

We’ll be taking a two-week break to decompress and spend some time away from the computer after a very busy 2014. Coming in a few days however, is a post loaded with pictures of gardens I’ve visited.

Stay tuned because we’ll be back on January 7 to start the new year with a post and video about my own garden. We have so many topics and things planned for 2015 that it makes our hearts go boom boom!

Christmas cactus flowers

At the last minute, I decided to throw Christmas Cactus care tips into the video below. They’re very popular at this time of year and you might buy one of them or get one as a gift.  I tell you a bit about them as well as how to care for them while still in bloom. My dad grew these holiday favorites in our greenhouse so they have fond memories for me. Plus, this tropical cactus is such an easy houseplant.

The plants that you see here are actually Thanksgiving Cactus but they get lumped together with and called Christmas Cactus. Here’s a post and video on getting your Christmas Cactus to flower again.

We’ll be debuting a brand new website (no templates here, it’s done by us completely from scratch) in early January that you’ll find resourceful, educational and inspirational.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,

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(& Lucy, she does lots of the “behind the scenes” stuff)

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