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The Berkeley Botanical Garden

Perched high in  the hills above the UC Berkeley campus in Strawberry Canyon is the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley.  Once you’re up there it seems as though you are far removed from all but in fact,  the Memorial Stadium (go Bears!) is just a mere roll down the hill.  My friend Teri and I visited here on a glorious, sunny Friday last August and barely saw anyone the whole time we were touring this horticultural gem.   The expansive garden covers 34 acres and is home to one of the most diverse plant collections in the world.  I will take you around the garden exactly as we saw it.   

Let me take you on a tour of The Berkeley Botanical Garden

This is what we saw right after entering in – the South African & New World desert gardens

The Berkeley Botanical Garden

In the South African garden

The Berkeley Botanical Garden

I love this Aloe capitata var. quartziticola

The Berkeley Botanical Garden

The panorama of the Japanese pool in the Asian garden

The Berkeley Botanical Garden

A Hydrangea paniculata, or Pee Gee Hydrangea, along the path above the Japanese pool

The Berkeley Botanical Garden

In the garden of old roses


The hybrid tea rose “Sunset Celebration”, honoring Sunset Magazine’s 100th anniversary

The Berkeley Botanical Garden

Dahlias in the garden of old roses



Dahlia “Thistle”


 Dahlia “Thomas Edison”


A Monkey Puzzle Tree in the South American garden



Amaranth, one of the world’s  “super grains”, in the Old World garden


Bouvardia ternifolia, or Firecracker Bush or Hummingbird Flower, in the Mexico/Central American garden


Physostegia virginiana, or False Dragonhood, in the herb garden


Heading into the Asian garden


Leading into the California garden


Redwoods – our state tree


Hanging Haleconia in the tropical house

Look closer – there’s a little frog!


Hibiscus schizopetalus, or Coral Hibiscus, in the tropical house


Echinopsis terscheckii, or Argentine Saguaro, in the New World desert garden


Echinopsis lamprochlora, or Green torch, putting out a bloom in the New World desert garden


Weinsartia hediniana in the arid house


Pachypodium lameri, or Madagascar Palm,  in the arid house


Ceropegia ampliata, or bushman’s pipe or condom flower (interesting name!), in the arid house


This tiger flower was just outside the carnivorous plant house


These carnivorous plants, Sarrancenia flava var.ornata or yellow pitcher plants, are in a planter on wheels in the entry area



Here are a few things you might like to know before you go: there’s a parking lot across the street with a minimal charge,  a shuttle bus operates from the UC campus up to the garden and there’s no food to be found (except a few snackies in the gift shop) anywhere up there.  It’s a great place to picnic however.  I was considering assaulting some picnicers for their lunch but wisely decided against it.  We did have a yummy Thai lunch in one  of the many restaurants down below in the colorful and delightful town of Bezerkley.   It was a wonderful few hours spent at this glorious garden.


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