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The Glass Pavilions At The Berlin Botanic Garden

“Plants Are Our Future” – Botanic Garden & Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem

I went to Berlin last summer and my limited research beforehand as to what I wanted to see focused as usual, all on gardens.

The Berlin Botanic Garden is the 2nd largest of its kind in the world following Kew Gardens in London. It spans 126 acres and is home to 22,000 plant species from all over the globe. The greenhouse complex covers over an acre and collections from all over the world are displayed in the 16 houses.

Wandering from house to house you’ll forget what part of the world you’re in as you experience everything from the tropical rainforest to the aridest desert.  Talk about a rapid change in the weather!  The most well-known part of the greenhouses is the Great Pavillion – the largest glasshouse in the world.

The museum and the library are very important in botanic history.   Your exploring will be well rewarded as you wander the floors full of fun, educational displays. Outside, the gardens are extensive and varied.  Some of the rock used in the Rock Garden (which goes on forever!)  came from the rubble of the bombing.  The gardens are beautiful indeed but all the pictures you’ll see below were all taken in those massive and majestic glass houses.

Glass Houses


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 Very Interesting

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I had never heard of these and find them fascinating, bizarre and wacky – they practically blew me right out the roof!   They are considered living fossils and can live 1,000 years or more – now that’s longevity.

They grow in the Narimb Desert (in Africa – this is considered to be the oldest desert in the world) and the fog is often the only moisture they get.  A massive taproot, 2 leaves and a stem as the base – that’s it to these plants.  The sexes are separate and both produce cones.  The 2 pictures below are a little hard to see because they in a glass enclosure enjoying conditions similar to their origins.

The Berlin Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum was a wonderful surprise – my expectations were far exceeded. We were there in July and toured the gardens until closing time at 9 p.m.

Berlin has a great transportation system so getting around is easy.  Or, to be one with the environment, you can ride a bike like many of the Berliners do – the air in this city is good, the streets are lined with trees and there are a plethora of parks.

Our visit happened to coincide with Summer Fashion Week so there were many beautiful young things, both male and female, to look at.  Hey, even a die-hard plant freak needs a break from gardens!

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A visitor from Bavaria said: “It seems that from now on, just as a Muslim to the tomb of the Prophet, so every botanist must make a pilgrimage to Berlin if he wants to die in a state of botanical bliss.

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