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A Succulent To Brighten Up The Garden: Aeonium Sunburst

Aeonium Sunburst is like a ray of sunshine. This succulent, with large rosette leaves, will brighten up any garden or patio. There are more care tips in the video.

Succulent To Brighten Up The Garden: Aeonium Sunburst


Looking at this plant is like a day full of sunshine – radiant, warm and good mood inducing.  I’ve been coveting this succulent for ages now so when my neighbor gave me not 1 but 3, I was over the moon with horticultural giddiness. These Aeonium Sunbursts, with their large rosette leaves, are going to brighten my garden up in no time flat!




1 is going in my front garden and 1 is slated for the back garden. Where the last 1 goes remains to be seen because I’m running out of room. If you’re a plantaholic like me, then you know how that goes.  I can squeeze in a couple of more 4″ succulents but that’s about it. Time to practice a little restraint in the plant acquisition department.


I have some things to share with you about the Aeonium Sunburst, whose common name is Copper Pinwheel:


There’s something I forgot to mention in the video: no temperatures below 28 degrees F for this plant. I want to emphasize again that Aeonium Sunburst will sunburn in areas with hot, strong sun. Here in Santa Barbara (coastal California) they do fine in sun or part sun. And, you don’t want to put this one against a wall with reflected mid-day or afternoon sun.  This, like most succulents except cacti, will say “ouch” in no time flat.



    Lots of little offshoots forming – more plants!

By the way, Aeonium Sunburst won a Garden Merit Award in 2012 from the Royal Horticultural Society. I would have loved it regardless but it’s always nice to have a few award winners in the garden!

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