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Sansoucci Park in Potsdam, Germany

Chinese tea garden famous palace located in Sansoucci Park in Potsdam, Germany

Sansoucci Palace, famous palace located in Sansoucci Park in Potsdam, Germany that was built by Frederick the Great.

The Garden Glutton took a short train/bus ride out of Berlin last summer and voila … landed right in this beautiful 700 plus acre locale known as Sansoucci Park in Potsdam, Germany.  The most famous palace is this park was built by Frederick the Great (aka “The Potato King”) to be used as his summer pad.   Sansoucci Palace, as seen above, is a one story building with 12 rooms (definitely small by royal standards!) where his queen never lived.  As you leave the palace, Andy Warhol’s painting of Frederick bids you  adieu.  His eyes are rimmed in hot pink quickly bringing in a memory … what a groovy ruler!

The tiers below the palace where the grapes are now planted once held hundreds of potato plants to help stop the famine.  The potato was thought to be bland in taste and not desirable until the king stationed guards around the beds prompting the locals to change their minds about the crop … anything protected must be worth stealing!   Land for food is a growing trend in America these days.

Horticulturally speaking, the park is not terribly interesting in terms of plants materials but  is a wonderful place to recreate for the day.  The seemingly endless maze of paths lead to something which will catch your fancy.  Here are a few things I saw:

The Chinese Tea Pavillion

Sculpted golden figures at the entrance of the chinese tea pavilion.

Catalpa Trees

Fully bloom Catalpa Trees w/c is famous for its long seed pods that is similar to beans or cigar with a common name cigar bean.

The oldest Catalpa tree in the park.

This is the oldest tree in the park

This Huge Tree You Can Walk Through

Far view and inside look of Catalpa tree.

This is what you see when you look up into it

One Of The Windmills

Windmill at the center view of a famous Sansoucci Palace.

Where The Gardeners Hang Out

Beautiful, colorful and eye catching garden.

I wandered off a main path & this caught my eye

Colorful garden with variety of flowers.

Taking a break from the heat in one of the fields

Beautiful view of a field with lots of colorful flowers.

Water Features

Water features, garden pond of a famous palace located in Sansoucci Park in Potsdam, Germany.Famous Sansoucci Park waterfall garden.Green trees, plants, bridge and its water garden pond.

The Greek Key Beds

Greek inspired garden view.

This bed lead you to the Greek Keys – way too “tidy” to have at my house!

An Unusual Sight in Germany – Last Summer Was Very Hot & Dry

Parched landscape.

Sprinkler watering the parched landscape

Visible white lilacs starting to bloom.

Lilacs gasping for water

Frederick’s Marker – Adorned With Potatoes

An engraved name of Frederick the Great w/c is also know as King Potato.

Seven Markers For His Seven Dogs

Markers for the seven dogs of Frederick the Great.

Hey … Where’s The Queen’s Marker?

The Garden Glutton will end this post with a Frederick The Great quote:

“A Crown Is Merely A Hat That Let’s Rain In”.

Queen's crown w/c can found at the Sansoucci Park in Potsdam, Germany.


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