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Propagating My String Of Bananas Plant Is Fast & Easy

String Of Bananas is groovy hanging succulent. Mine was getting leggy at the top so I pruned it so I could plant the cuttings back in at the top. Propagating a String Of Bananas plant is easy & fast to do - you'll see!

My String Of Hearts has been growing like crazy in the warm desert temps and was badly in need of a haircut. I pruned about 3′ of trails off 5 or 6 weeks ago. Growing in the same hanging pot is a String Of Bananas and a String of Pearls.  I noticed the trails of the SOBs had started to branch and fill out at the bottom but the tops were getting a little bare. I decided it was time to get on with the propagating of my String Of Bananas plant and do some filling in.

I pruned off a couple of trails, both about 6-8″ long, to propagate and then plant back in the pot. Planting the cuttings in straight succulent and cactus mix 1st in order to root them is what I wanted to do rather than plant them directly in the hanging pot. I have to climb on a stool to water the hanging pot (which grows on my patio) so I could better control the moisture if they were in a separate pot. I didn’t want the cuttings to go too dry or stay constantly wet.

Propagating my String Of Bananas plant:

I took a few cuttings from my String Of Bananas plant that was left behind in Santa Barbara when I moved to Tucson. They’ve grown in well here, although nowhere near as fast as the String Of Hearts.   Because there were no “bananas” on the top few inches of stem, I wanted to fill in in between those bare stems. Make sense? The cuttings I took were about 6-8″ long, but with this plant, I’ve found that you can take cuttings that are 2″ or 12″.

Materials used:

A pot with succulent mix, 2 String Of Bananas cutting, fiskar nippers, 2 floral pins, & 1 chopstick sit on a cloth covered table. Propagating String Of Bananas

2 String Of Hearts cuttings.

6″ Grow pot. It may seem too big for these 2 stems but I also put the String Of Hearts cuttings in here too.

Succulent & Cactus Mix. I use 1 which is produced locally but this one is good if you can’t find it locally. Succulents need a loose mix, especially when propagating, so the roots can easily form & water can thoroughly drain out preventing rot.

Floral pins. The cuttings, although not very long, are a bit heavy & can pull out of the light mix. These pins hold them down.

Chopstick. Yes, this works very well for “drilling” out holes for thin stemmed cuttings to go in to.

My trusty Fiskar Nippers. These are my go to’s for more delicate jobs like this.

One String Of Bananas cutting with roots

The roots on this cutting aren’t extensive at all but no worries. Those roots will continue to grow when the cutting is transplanted. By the way, it took around 3 weeks for the roots to form like this.

Steps taken:

1- I took the cuttings, & for the sake of the video, planted them in the mix right away. With thin stemmed cuttings like String Of Bananas or String Of Pearls, I usually let them heal over for 1-3 days before planting.

2-  2 holes were made in the mix with the larger end of the chopstick & I planted them in.

3- The cuttings were secured down with the floral pins. By the way, the pins can be saved & used over again multiple times.

4- Let them settle in for a few days & them gave them a good watering.

String Of Bananas cuttings planted into a pot of succulent mix for propagating  The cuttings happily planted in. 

I placed the cuttings in the bright shade, under my Bougainvillea “Barbara Karst”. The temps were still very warm at that time so I watered the cuttings every 5 days. How often you water yours depends on the temperature and how deep the cuttings are planted. If they’re closer to the surface, they’ll dry out faster. If your rooting yours indoors, make sure they’re in nice bright light but getting no direct sun.

I transplanted the cuttings into the hanging pot about 3 weeks later. You’ll see that in the video. They’re barely hanging over the edge of the pot but it’s winter now and I won’t see much if any growth until the temps warm back up in late February or so.

You can propagate them at any time of year, but spring, summer and early fall are the best.

Two String Of Bananas cuttings next to stems of Fishhooks Senecio

Here you see String Of Bananas on the left & Fishhooks Senecio on the left. The SOBs botanic name is usually seen as Senecio radicans & the FHS as well. I believe the SOB is actually Senecio radicans glauca. Any clarifications on that? Regardless, you can see the difference in the leaves, both in size & shape, with these 2 plants. 

The String Of Bananas is a fun hanging succulent just like its Senecio relatives the String Of Pearls and Trailing Fishhooks. Mine outdoors year round but you can grow it as a houseplant too. It’s just coming into flower now (it’s mid-December) which is another perk. And, when it really starts to grow and branch off, you can take cuttings!

Happy gardening,

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