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Monthly Archives: June 2016

How To Make A Fragrant Corsage Using Flowers & Herbs

Corsages are a bundle of flowers, usually worn on either on clothing, a wrist or attached to a purse which signify that someone is special or important to an event. It’s basically a boutonniere on steroids. They can be small or large depending on the taste and size of the person it's made for. If you're going to wear one, it might as well smell... Read more

Check It Out! A Tour Of My New Garden In The Desert

Hi there and a big welcome.  I'm thrilled to be taking you on a tour of my new garden in the desert, the Sonoran Desert to be more exacting.  I was living in seaside Santa Barbara and decided to shake things up a bit by moving to Tucson.  This is the land of endless skies, bountiful sunshine, a multitude of cacti and lots of wild creatures - oh boy!Read more

A Creative Succulent Craft You Can Make In Minutes

I was inspired to try this project after making a succulent wreath and many of the leaves fell off in the process.  That's just how it goes with succulents.   As usual I had odds and ends of smaller cuttings lying around in a box top in my utility room and thought this would be a good way to put them to use along with all those leaves.... Read more

Gardening Shoes For Your Gardening Feet

Have you ever stained that cute pair of comfy shoes just because you got the urge to garden?  I sure have!  Luckily it hasn't happened to me in a long time since my friend brought me back a pair of Blundstone boots, or Blunnies as they're affectionately called, from Melbourne many moons ago.  They're old, worn and scuffed to the max but the soles are still quite substantial so they ain't goin' nowhere.Having a pair of shoes that you only use for gardening... Read more

You Don’t Have To Be A Florist To Make A Nosegay

When I first moved to San Francisco I worked for a very large florist.  There were at least 10 full-time designers and the shop was very busy.  This company had quite a few big hotel contracts and did a lot of weddings so I saw multitudes of floral creativity.  I used to love it when the drivers would come back from the early morning trips to the flower market with their trucks full of blooms. At that point, everything... Read more

I’ve Moved – A Little Change Is In The Air!

Moving, especially long distance, pushes you in so many ways.  It's exhausting both mentally and physically and at some point you wonder if it's really worth it.  I've lived in Connecticut, Vermont, New York State, Tucson, Boston, New York City, San Francisco and Santa Barbara.  Living someplace new definitely gets one out of the comfort zone and injects a fresh take on life because there are new people to meet, new places to explore and new adventures to... Read more

Bird Of Paradise Plant Care

In Southern California this plant, with its bright, bold and easily recognizable flowers, is ubiquitous. It's found growing alongside sidewalks and the streets, by the sea, poolside, in parking strips, in container plantings as well as in lots and lots of gardens.  It's common but loved nonetheless so much so that it's the official flower of the city of Los Angeles.

Bird of Paradise,... Read more

I’m Taking A Break – I’ll Be Back Soon In My New Home!

Hey y'all, I've packed up and moved on!  And I', taking a break so I can do it all. Yes it's true, I'm no longer a California Girl and have left the shores of the Pacific Ocean.  I lived in the Golden State for 30 years and never thought I'd leave - but then again, never say never.  It was time for a change and boy oh boy I'm getting that in a big way.

I'm Taking... Read more