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Dracaena Janet Craig: The Quintessential Low Light Floor Plant

The Dracaena Janet Craig, which the variety on the market now is "Lisa", is the quintessential low light floor plant. If you want an easy care houseplant, here it is. The video gives more care tips.

Quintessential Low Light Floor Plant: The Dracaeana Janet Craig (aka Lisa)

If you want a low light floor plant, then the Dracaena Janet Craig is for you. This houseplant thrives on neglect. Have I piqued your interest? To make this plant even more appealing, a tougher version of the old standby Dracaena deremensis Janet Craig has been introduced: Dracaena Lisa. I’m old school and still call this plant Janet Craig even though Lisa is now the variety commonly sold on market.

When I worked in the interior plantscaping trade, the Janet Craig was the ultimate plant to stick in offices with low light and little air circulation. They had a very low replacement rate, the main cause being overwatering. When I was ready to leave that profession, my cry was: “if I put one more dracaena in one more office, I’m gonna scream!”

Chances are that if you’ve got a glossy, dark green, narrow-leaved Dracaena in the past few years, it’s the even tougher Dracaena Lisa.  The care for Janet Craig is the same as for Lisa.

How to Care for Dracaena Janet Craig


Low to Medium. They’ll survive in low light but if the levels are increased, they’ll grow. Just be sure to keep it out of direct, hot sun.


Low to Average. Don’t water this one too often. Depending on the size of the plant & its pot, no more than every 7-10 days. Here is some info on houseplant watering 101 which will help to determine the frequency. In the winter months when light levels drop, water even less often. Houseplants like to rest in the colder months too.


I give most of my houseplants a light application of worm compost with a light layer of compost over that every spring. Easy does it – 1/4 to 1/2? layer of each for a larger sized houseplant. Read about my worm compost/compost feeding right here.


They’re most susceptible to mealy bug & spider mites.

Their long leaves would very much appreciate being cleaned off with a damp cloth if they become dirty and dusty. Not only does it look better (these dark glossy green leaves shine!) but it’ll help the plant to breath.

If you want much more info on this plant and many others which which you’ll welcome into your home, please check out my book Keep Your Houseplants Alive. It’s a practical guide to houseplant care written in simple terms with lots of pictures.


Happy Houseplant Gardening!

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