Decorating With Indoor Plants: How To Style Plants On A Table

A new year brings feelings of cleaning out, cleaning up, redoing, and freshening up. I haven’t tackled the bedroom closet yet, but when it has anything to do to plants, I’m on it in a heartbeat. Decorating with indoor plants is big time fun, and I want to share with you how I restyled the long, narrow table in my dining room/living room. 

I love this table and it’s the bee’s knees when it comes to displaying some of my smaller plants. I moved into a new house last year, and a mish mash of pots and knick knacks ended up on this table and never moved. 

My previous home had fewer windows and didn’t receive the generous amount of sunshine that my new home does. The pots I collected since moving to Tucson 5 years ago were much brighter and more colorful. I decided to go with a more natural color scheme with black as an accent. I have mountain views from every window in the house (except for 1!), lots of natural light, and lots of nature outside so this is the big draw now.

a collage with 2 photos showing a table with multiple plants and pots on it before & after the text reads decorating with indoor plants

I have plenty of plants to move around and decorate with but wanted a few new pots. I bought some in similar materials and shapes to make things a bit more cohesive over all. Matchy-matchy wasn’t what I was going for, just a pleasing mixture. 

Most pots were purchased locally but I did buy a few online. You’ll find a collage showing the materials and products used for this project (or a similar product) along with with links where to buy them at the end of this post. 

What color and type of pots you go with is up to you. Decorating with indoor plants is just like interior design, it’s a matter of your taste and what you find pleasing. If all white pots is what you like, go for it. If you like bright colors and patterns are your thing, carry on!

The plants choice you have to be much more mindful of. You want to make sure the plants are in spots in your home where they’ll do well. Exposure is key when it comes to indoor plant placement. We have a lot of information about houseplants on our website that you can reference.

Plant styling in action:


Decorating With Indoor Plants – the simple steps

The process of arranging these plants and pots is like cleaning out your closets. Take everything out, and go from there. I think it’s best to describe how I did this step by step. Watching the video works too.

I bought a few new pots in 6″ and 8″ sizes. They were going to set the style for the table. If I didn’t use all of them here, they’d be used elsewhere. Turns out I only had 1 of the tan clay pots leftover.

I painted and decorated 4 of the pots and baskets.

a collage of 2 photos showing baskets and pots being painted & decorated

All the plants were taken off the table top and bottom and put on the dining room table. I thoroughly cleaned the table and the floor behind it. Who knows when this will ever be done again!

an empty long & narrow 2-tier table

I started putting the plants and the pots back on the table. I decided to go with fewer plants so it didn’t look so crowded and smushed together.  I have a few black features in this space (which you’ll see in the video) and decided to keep the accents of black on the bottom shelf.

three indoor plants in pots with accents of black on the bottom shelf of a table

Make sure you know where plants are going and that they’re in the right exposure before you start playing arouund with the pots. In the photo below the Rubber Plant and Agalonema Lady Valentine On the left) get more light from a nearby south window than the Satin Pothos and Aglaonema Maria on the opposite end.

a woman is decorating with many indoor plants on a 2-tier table

I kept the color palette earthy and somewhat neutral on the top shelf because quite a few of the plants are variegated. The Aglaonema Lady Valentine (the pink plant) really steals the show!

I switched around a few of the pots until I was happy with the look.

a 2-tier table full of different houseplants in decorative pots and baskets

Close ups of the pots and plants on the top shelf.

multiple houseplants in woven baskets and terra cotta pots on a table

a close up of three houseplants and a succulent in pots

Just for fun – my llittlle Sweet Calico Hearts succulent.

a succulent in a patterned terracotta pot with feet

Materials Used For This Decorating With Indoor Plants Project


a collage showing a table and decorative rope baskets terra cotta pots humidifier and humidity reader for plants for purchase from amazon the text reads indoor plant decor

Buy the items I use here:

Wood Everett Foyer Table

Seagrass Natural Baskets

Striped Natural Baskets

Seagrass Baskets with Band, Set of 3

Terra Cotta Pots and Saucers

Canopy Humidifier

Humidity Reader

Not in the collage but worth mentioning:

The cute patterned terra cotta pot my Calico Hearts succulent is in. It’s part of a set of 2 & comes in other colors.

These cork mats are great to put under pots or saucers to protect your furniture. I put them in after I completed this project.  

Some Of Our General Houseplant Guides For Your Reference:

Decorating with indoor plants is a matter of finding the right plant for the right places. Choosing the pots and ways to display your plants (like tables, shelves, plant stands, etc) is a matter of what suits your taste and decor.

Indoor plant decor adds so much to our homes. I hope this has given you indoor plant arrangement ideas and inspirations. Go ahead, express yourself and have a good time doing it!

Happy gardening,

Signed by Nell Foster

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