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Succulents 101

Lotusland Tour: Tropical Garden, Dracaena Trees, and More!

I'm going to share a couple of stories which our docent told when I visited Lotusland last May on a foggy morning. We'll start with the magnificent Cycad Garden. Cycads are prehistoric plants and winding through the paths gives you a feeling you're touring through Jurassic Park.

Cycad Garden

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Lotusland Tour: Japanese Garden, Aloe Vera, and More!

First, a couple of interesting tidbits to share with you before moving on to the visuals.  According to one of my docents, Madame Walska could be quite impatient and had strong opinions and designs ideas of her own but would quickly soften.  She gave her gardeners regular bonuses (I like that!) and bequeathed them in her will.  

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Lotusland Tour: Bromeliads, Cacti, and Euphorbia Gardens

Lotusland… need I say more?  This is one of the most famous gardens in the world and right here in our back yard. Locating in Santa Barbara, California, here is a closer look at the gardens located inside. Enjoy our Lotusland tour!

How Did Lotusland Come Into Existence?

How To Grow A Staghorn Fern Indoors

I'm serving up buckets of artsy plant fun here: Staghorn Ferns are just the right amount of cool with a dash of wackiness thrown in. They're epiphytes, just like orchids and bromeliads, which means they grow on other plants in their native environment, which is the tropical rainforest.... Read more