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Monthly Archives: September 2015

A Fun and Sparkly Budget Halloween Centerpiece

For me fall centerpieces are all about foliages, berries, pomegranates, persimmons, pumpkins and mums.  You know, classy grown up stuff.  Halloween, even though it lands smack in the middle of autumn, is a totally different ballgame.  I say: it's a time to bring on the glitter, glitz and paint and get your spook on.  This halloween centerpiece project is fun, sparkly, a bit out of the ordinary yet very easy on the wallet.Read more

Weekend Musings

 Fall has officially arrived!  I love this time of year at our Santa Barbara Farmers Market because the summer produce is still abundant but the fall and winter squashes are starting to make an appearance.  Tomatoes fresh from the farm and kabocha squash anyone?Peppers, like the ones you see above, love our warm temps and sun filled days that are signaled on by late summer lasting well into fall here along the central coast of California.... Read more

Learning About African Violets

 Whenever I mention African Violets, I always get the response "oh, they were my grandmother's favorite flower or my mother loves them".  My grandmother grew them with great success in a bright window in her Connecticut home atop a tray of pebbles with water in it.   I however, have only grown a few of them so this app on African Violets interests me and I thought you might find it useful.   Note: this is a guest post & was written... Read more

A Forsaken Frame & Succulents Turned Into Art

 I've lived in California for a very long time but I'm originally from New England.  Yes it's true, you can move the girl clear across the country to the other coast but you can't take the Yankee ingenuity and frugality out of her.  I found this forsaken frame in a heap of discarded junk and treasures next to the sidewalk a year or so ago.  I just knew this tossed away treasure would be used in 1 of my succulents crafting projects at some... Read more

A Quickie Tour Of Spooky Halloween Decorations

 It's that time of the year again when we get to decorate our houses to creep and not to greet.  Hold on to your witches hats because Halloween is coming!For me that means hopping in the car and heading north.  I’ve done this decorating job up in the San Francisco Bay Area for 16 years now.  Pick up truck loads of spooks are taken out of  hibernation and the decorating extravaganza begins.   The characters and props, collected... Read more

How I Trained My Hoya

To put it plain and simple: I love my Hoyas.  The Hoya carnosa variegata growing up the umbrella on the patio next to my office was in need of more soil in its pot and was a bit bleached out because getting too much sun.  Shame on me, time to take action!  I didn't want another hanging pot so I decided to train it to grow upwards.Read more

Weekend Musings

 Greetings,Goodness gracious, we're baking here in California again!  A trip to the beach is definitely in order later on this afternoon.  And, I have a mission with my visit to the shores of the Pacific - I need to find a good sized chunk of driftwood to use in a video.Lucy will here from Laguna Beach next week for a filming marathon.  I'm going to do a video on creating a centerpiece with succulents from my garden & driftwood.... Read more

Best Flowers for a Peace Garden

You all know how I love flowers, just like you do!  Peace gardens have always fascinated me so I'm happy to share this guest article with you written by James White.   Perhaps it will give you inspiration to create a peace garden of your own.Unlike English gardens or Zen gardens, peace gardens are more open to interpretation. Peace is something that can be hard... Read more

The Beloved Hoyas: Care And Repotting Tips

Some many beloved Hoyas, so little room!  There are over 200 species of Hoyas out there with a diverse array of foliage color and shape as well as flower color and form.  These tropical plants, many of them epiphytic succulents, are vines and some are shrubs.  All of them so very interesting in my book.  I grow my Hoyas outdoors here in Santa Barbara but I'm giving care tips for them indoors too because they always have been and are now ever popular houseplants. I... Read more

Weekend Musings

Oh the dog days of summer are upon us.  It was so hot, sunny and bright here along the southern California coast for the past week that even the pooches have to wear shades!   My neighbor has a low rider and always takes his canine companion along when cruising the streets of downtown or along the beaches.  Do you think they turn heads?!It was so sizzling last Friday that the temperature in my shed, aka "the Joy Us garden world headquarters", must have... Read more