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Monthly Archives: July 2015

A DIY Succulent Creation On A Wacky Sea Stick

I live 7 blocks from the Pacific Ocean so beach walks are a big part of my outdoor recreating routine.  I always find interesting materials to use for crafting and creating as well as to embellish my garden.  I've used shells and polished rocks as ground cover as well as big chunks of driftwood to add interest in and around succulents.  This wacky sea stick is adorned with a variety of succulents from my garden and is a project that comes together... Read more

How This Never Ending Succulent Repotting Job Almost Did Me In

Sometimes things just don't go as planned - ya know what I mean?  In the video below I had intended to show you how to shave a root ball of a plant, in this case my Miniature Pine or Crassula tetragona because I was certain it was pot bound in a big way.  Shortly after getting into this project it turned into the never ending succulent repotting job that almost did me in.  The video below is number 19 of 20 that we'd filmed in 3 days so a couple of beers... Read more

Ask Nell: Changing The Color Of Hydrangeas

 Have you ever had a blue hydrangea turn pink?   A reader named Carol emailed me asking why her gorgeous blue hydrangea was turning pink the year after she planted it. I had this happen with 1 of my client's Endless Summer Hydrangeas so I know exactly what's happening.  If blue is your thing, here's how to change the color of your hydrangeas.Read more

My Shrimp Plant Pruning Experiment

Even though I've been gardening for over 50 years (egads - that's a long time!) and have my tried and true ways of doing things, I do enjoy a little experimentation every now and then.  And yes, I must admit, I've sent a few plants to the green waste bin with my curious ways.  I inherited these 2 Shrimp Plants when I bought the house and have always pruned them in January. This year, I decided it was time for a Shrimp Plant pruning experiment.Shrimp Plant,... Read more

String Of Pearls: This Fascinating Beauty Makes A Great Houseplant

I love, love these succulents!  I grow String Of Pearls houseplants in my Santa Barbara garden, but did you know that this fascinating succulent makes a great... Read more